When is it appropriate to wear short prom dresses? It is a recurring question, a very common doubt when choosing a formal dress, a party dress for a special occasion. Short dress or long dress?

The short ball gowns are called cocktail dresses and, let’s make it clear from the beginning, these short dresses can be used in both day and night celebrations as long as the elegance and characteristics of the short dress allow them to comply with the requirements. rules of the grand gala that are reserved for evening events.

The definition of a cocktail dress is very simple: a knee-length party dress. In this definition we have the two special characteristics that a short dress must have to be considered a cocktail dress: it must be an elegant, formal dress and the length of the skirt must never be above the knee.

Modern gala dresses allow themselves certain freedoms when it comes to complying with the rules of etiquette, especially with regard to the length of the skirt, but without great fanfare.

There are beautiful short party dresses, elegant and very sophisticated, but they are not the most suitable for large celebrations. These mini prom dresses are perfect for dances and nightclub parties.

Basic tips for wearing a short celebratory dress

If you want to comply with the rules of etiquette at a celebration, keep these basic tips in mind:

  • If the celebration is for the day, the short gala dress is the most appropriate.
  • bet on bright colors or prints in daytime celebrations and dresses in a single tone if the celebration is in the afternoon.
  • Try to avoid glitter and sequins, they are more suitable for the night.
  • Try to avoid too tight dresses, they are also more suitable for night celebrations.
  • The necklines, even in V, should not be too pronounced and provocative.
  • In the case of gala dresses for girls, a youth dress with a length slightly above the knees can be used, but it is an exception to the basic rules of etiquette.
  • Always wear stockings with a party dress, both in summer and winter.
  • Mid-heeled shoes and low-heeled shoes may be suitable for daytime events. The high-heeled shoe is always suitable because it stylizes the legs. The height of the heel can go up in the afternoon and at night.
  • Skirts or pants with blouses and jacket suits are not the most suitable for these gala celebrations. In the summer celebrations, if they are in the morning, you can allow some exceptions.
  • In daytime weddings, short gala dresses must be complemented with a hat. Never wear a hat with a long ball gown.

There are models of short dresses for all occasions and, of course, for all types of figure. The key to success lies in choosing the right dress model for you.

Short dresses for a night out. Mini dresses

In this case the rules change. It is no longer about complying with the strict rules of formal etiquette, we are talking about a night out and, in this case, the important thing is to shine, look sexy and daring. The party is for young people, that is why youth evening dresses are short, bright and eye-catching.

Mini dresses, sequins, very tight dresses and large necklines are not only allowed but are best suited for the occasion. They are very different from what we can consider short youth dresses that we are going to see in the next section.

Short graduation dresses

The celebration of student graduation has been imposed in recent years and, more and more, graduation dresses are of great importance for young girls on this special day.

The short youth party dresses are the kings of these days.

As we are talking about young girls, teenagers who leave the life of students behind, graduation dresses deserve a special section. In principle, all styles are allowed, choosing the most appropriate one may depend on what the celebration party consists of (if there is one)

  • A summer dress, cool and easy to wear on any occasion can be the most conservative bet
  • short youth dresses and miniskirts are allowed
  • Long party dresses are only suitable if the celebration includes dancing in the evening.
  • Provocative necklines or dresses that are too tight are not suitable. It is about still maintaining the romantic and innocent air of childhood (but without going overboard)
  • high volume skirts are youthful and romantic at the same time.