The pencil skirt is a garment that never goes out of style. It is a classic for wardrobes in all seasons and can be combined with a multitude of accessories. Tops, blouses or shirts with transparencies are the preferred ones to increase that elegant touch that this type of skirt brings to our outfits.

In general, the color that is usually chosen for this garment is black, since it further stylizes the figure. You can also choose other dark colors, such as blue, or dare with vertical stripes, which have the ability to stylize. The lighter tones are more suitable for taller girls. But apart from the type and color, the footwear with which it is combined is essential. Here we show you which shoes to wear with a pencil skirt.

The characteristics of the pencil skirt

If something characterizes this garment, it is the difficulties for many women to find the right combinations and achieve a flattering look. For this, dark tones are recommended, especially in the case of not being tall, and reaching up to the waist, to increase the stylized image.

It is one of the skirts chosen to complete elegant outfits, valid for special occasions, as long as they are combined with crop tops and shirts that add more formality to the look. In addition, the choice of footwear will also be key to the outfit.

With high-heels

It is without any doubt, the type of shoe most recommended by fashion experts for this type of skirt. Why? It is valid for both taller and shorter women, since in all cases it will help to stylize the figure and, in addition, it incorporates that more formal and elegant touch that is often sought with this garment.

What are the most used heels? In order not to shorten the legs, it is advisable not to opt for sandals that, although they have heels, also incorporate a bracelet at the ankle. It is better to choose salons, with wider or thinner heels, open sandals or ankle boots. It is also recommended not to choose boots that exceed the ankle, since the pencil skirt reaches, at least, to the knee.

With flat shoes

Another option is to wear flat shoes with the pencil skirt, although this type of footwear is recommended for taller women, since they do not need that extra height to get more stylized. Despite this, if you choose a dark-colored skirt, you can also opt for shoes without a heel even if you are not very tall.

If the pencil skirt is chosen for a formal style, it is advisable to choose ballerinas or flats, which will add more elegance to the style. They do not have to be completely flat; they can also have a slight heel or even one of medium height. The most common? The two-color ones.

With sports shoes

If you are looking for a much more informal look, you can also get it with a pencil skirt, and the way to do it is by combining it with sports shoes. First, it is advisable that the garment be black, gray or with marine-inspired stripes, that is, blue and white, vertical or, in case of choosing horizontal, narrow, to avoid increasing the volume.

For the upper part, less formal shirts or tops with inscriptions or drawings will be chosen. They will combine perfectly with sports shoes, which increase the informality of the style. The most used in recent seasons are white, but a more daring and successful option are those with metallic tones or those that have metallic appliques. The details give the style a more original and unique touch.