The tulle skirts have become a must have for every fashion lover. His style leaves no one indifferent; You can find it in a thousand colors, different lengths, and it will take you back to the time when you dreamed of dressing like a dancer, providing that touch of nostalgia and romanticism that makes them so authentic.

One of the advantages of tulle skirts is that they are very versatile, and they serve us both for a daytime look and for an elegant event at night. Find out what are the styles and trends of this type of skirts, and leave a place in your closet for this «must».

Tulle skirt with midi length

The midi length (also known as 3/4 length) is undoubtedly the star type of length for all types of skirts, since it is very elegant as well as flattering. You must bear in mind that it is a type of length that tends to dwarf the figure, so it is essential that you wear it with heels, since they will also help you to stylize your legs.

  • To combine the midi length of your flattering tulle skirt, you can opt either for the classic pumps or stilettos or for some low-top sandals, another of the trends that accompany this type of outfits and that are a success.
  • Remember to always use transparent stockings, never use dark stockings as they will greatly detract from the showiness of the skirt.

Pastel colors for tulle skirts

The color you choose for your tulle skirt will greatly determine your style and the type of look you will wear. One of the key trends to wear tulle skirts this season is choosing them in pastel tones. In addition to sweetening and making the look much more romantic, they are very easy to wear shades as they admit numerous combinations: salmon, aqua green, sky blue, vanilla yellow … the range of tones is not only very wide but also very flattering.

  • The ideal thing to wear a print in pastel color is to combine it with another type of stronger tones. For example, if you opt for a tulle skirt in pastel pink, you can opt for a black crop top, or combine a yellow skirt with a brown-toned blazer. The color mix is ​​very flattering, and will keep your look from appearing too sweet.
  • If you want to follow the same line of pastel tones, choose to combine with white, since it is a color that never clashes and that works well with practically any tone of these characteristics.


Very voluminous tulle skirts

The key to wearing a stylish tulle skirt is choosing one that has volume, movement and a lot of style when it comes to wearing it. And is that one of the attractions that characterize tulle skirts is the volume of the skirt that makes it much more special and original. This type of skirt is made by superimposing different layers of tulle, which makes it acquire a much puffier shape that is especially beautiful. There are several reasons why we should bet on bulkiness:

  • On the one hand, by wearing a very voluminous tulle skirt, we get the waist to acquire greater prominence since it is enhanced, so it is ideal if you are looking for a skirt that marks this area of ​​your body.
  • They also provide a very youthful and carefree air while adding a touch of “princess”, and are ideal for any guest who wants to wear an original and very personal look at any event.

Printed tulle skirts

If you opt for something more original, you can also find tulle skirts with different patterns.

  • Go for the classic checks or polka dots and even for the cheerful and flattering floral print.
  • The advantage of the patterns is that they allow a wide range of possibilities when combining the top, since either we choose a single tone according to the most prominent tones of the skirt, or we choose another type of pattern that complements to the skirt.
  • Of course, always choose patterns that keep a certain continuity so that the outfit is appropriate.

Tulle skirt incorporated into the dress

If you are not very convinced about which is the best way to combine a tulle skirt, nothing better than opting for a dress that already has it incorporated, in this way you will only have to worry about combining the jacket, shoes and the rest of the accessories.

  • There are some models of tulle skirts that allow the possibility of wearing a skirt that can be disassembled, so that we will have two models or dresses in one, always according to the type of event or plan in which we are going to wear our dress.
  • You can always complement your look with a nice short jacket or a blazer that will make your dress with a tulle skirt acquire much more personality.

Long tulle skirts

The tulle skirts long are incredibly elegant and stylish. They can be combined in multiple ways and have a fall that you will not get with any other skirt.

  • Dark tones are very stylish for both a day wedding and a night wedding. Bordeaux, pearl gray, navy blue and even black … They are shades that combine very well with white colors, such as a lace top in off-white.
  • Mark your waist with a nice belt according to the tone of the skirt. A very original option is to place a belt with flowers. Romantic and very appropriate to accompany the lightness of tulle.
  • Tulle skirts became very popular when the protagonist of the famous series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw, wore them in numerous chapters. However, with the passage of time they have been incorporated into the fashion collections of the large fashion firms, as well as low-cost fashion, being one of the most versatile garments that we cannot miss when it comes to wearing a characteristic look. and with a lot of personality.