Designer belts have many possibilities and the ways and positions of wearing them are endless.


How are you going to wear the fashion belt?

From now on, your favorite belt will be the star of many of your looks of the year. The accessory that can give an integral twist to your style, is this..

Main logo

The logomania keeps getting stronger and bragging about the logo is not crazy. Belts, the more obvious, the better.

Question of initials

Among the most coveted initials, in addition to the popular Gucci Double G, the D for Dior stands out. Simulating a traditional buckle but with the Parisian chic that we look for every season.

About your dresses

The shirtmakers will be crying out for one of the fashionable belts to give them the shape you like best. Like a few years ago, belts over dresses are back in fashion.

Sash version

As an ornament or for sheer aesthetic necessity, it doesn’t matter what reason you have to wear a wide belt over your party dresses. According to Camila Coleho, this year it is a trend to wear it like this.


The blazers have renewed their uses this winter and wearing them with a belt has been one of the novelties. From now on, she wears both pieces in a minimalist version, with a thin, delicate and elegant belt.

With chain

But for elegant, the chain-belt that is reinvented once again to turn any casual look into a very sophisticated one. Wear it over knitted dresses, like Valentina’s, or even on your day-to-day jeans.

Fanny pack

As long as the fanny packs continue to be seen on the streets of Instagram, we can continue to use them as a belt like Leonie does. On jackets or where a belt is usually placed, you decide how to wear it.

In addition, the instagrammers are practicing the art of layering, one of the most chic anti-cold techniques of winter.

In your overalls

The coveralls have also been a success since last spring and have been a very good match for the belts. Therefore, it does not matter if what stylizes your waist in this garment is a fanny pack.

Rolled up

As you have seen, the belts are now worn above the American ones and the more original they are in design and arrangement, much better.

Single color

Integrated into your monochrome outfits and following the aesthetic line of the set. Your belts are perfectly integrated into your looks.

Traditional style

Giving them the use for what they were invented is also an option. They refine the waist and also break the uniformity of a look like Sindi.

Whatever you wear it, make your belt a strong protagonist every day.