We must always remember that our personal image speaks for us, that is why when wearing a short or long skirt we must take special precaution to look how we want. Specially to go to the office..

Surely, since you have one or more skirts in your closet then the question comes: what should I wear? Definitely, the skirt is a basic of the feminine wardrobe, it is the garment that differentiates us from the men, since they also wear pants, and with a skirt it always looks good.

When we want to give a different touch to our outfit because we are tired of dressing the same every day, skirts are an excellent option.

There are those who think that skirts are prohibited for certain heights or types of figure, and that is completely false. There is a style that favors each of us.

Believe it or not, many women make various mistakes when using these garments in their outfits and that is something that takes away many points. Remember that there is a big difference between doing it and another in doing it well.

Today we will talk about how you can feel comfortable and look very pretty with both skirts by following some important recommendations, without the length being an impediment.

  • Miniskirts are definitely out of place in the office. It is not correct, nor does it look very good to wear a skirt that is too short for the office. It can lead to misinterpretations on the part of your co-workers.
  • If you are proud of your legs and want to show them off, you can do it, but not in all their glory. The ideal height, if you prefer to wear a short skirt, is about 5 fingers above the knee, no more. If you are taller, suddenly you can give it a little more, always calculate according to your body. The short skirt models that you can choose are tube cut or draped skirts.
  • Very short skirts are not flattering for petite girls. The only exception to wearing a mini skirt is if you have athletic, well-toned legs, which will make them appear longer.
  • If you don’t want to look so “daring” you can opt for long skirts that cover up to the knees. Since your long skirt covers more of your legs, you can use a low-cut top. A V-neck shirt is a good option or a blouse, but not too short, it should reach the hips.
  • A-line skirts are a good option, as they have a nice flow and reach knee length. In addition, they help to hide the figure for girls with wide hips.
  • There are also tube skirts; There are both long and short, and even minis! Now it is fashionable for skirts to be cut at the waist, this to stylize the body. This style is recommended for tall girls.
  • If you are of short stature, the skirts that you should avoid are those with a very marked style, rigid fabrics, pleats and any horizontal stripes. Stay away from skirts that are too tight.
  • Always wear heels, as these stylize the figure. If you wear a skirt with flats, your legs will look wider. Whatever the height of your skirt, your shoes will play a key role. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to them: define what tone and what height is according to the totality of your look.
  • Remember to wear your skirt with a matching top; If your skirt has a pattern, use a plain top and vice versa.
  • You can use pantyhose with your skirts like the classic ones in nude or one that has a design, but if the skirt has a design, the pantyhose must be smooth.
  • Keep in mind that not wearing the right underwear could be marked if your skirt is too tight.
  • Skirts that have transparencies are recommended to be worn only at night, or to use a dark background or the color of your skirt underneath to prevent it from showing inward.
  • When combining your skirt with a blouse, take into account the texture, the colors and the shape, from there choose what you will wear upstairs. If the skirt is loose, above that is tight; if it is very long, wear a short garment.
  • For short girls, the ideal is to use straight tube type skirts (especially if you are thin) or type “A”, made of a light fabric. Choose stiff fabrics over free-fall fabrics.
  • If you are very thin, wear all skirts with ruffles or gathered to add more volume to the body, especially in the hip area. Light colors add volume to your image. The fabrics that favor you are those that have some type of structure and not those that fall because they are light. Structured fabrics will give the illusion of curves.
  • If you are very tall, you have the freedom to wear practically the length that you like the most. You can choose to wear the skirt below the knees or above it, but be careful to use it very short because it will make you look much taller (remember the 5-finger rule above the knee as the ideal height).
  • To disguise the height of a tall girl, then use dark colors for skirts and light colors for blouses. Avoid dressing in a single color from head to toe because you will look even taller.
  • If you are wearing a short skirt, keep in mind that loose short skirts can easily be lifted in a breeze! You could wear a thicker denim, wool, or corduroy skirt on a windy day.
  • A short skirt in the front and long in the back is a good hybrid style between a short skirt and a skirt that covers more. Look for one of these skirts to avoid being too exposed when you bend over or move.
  • Choose tight skirts that only rub the contour of the legs but do not constrict them; in this way, you will prevent them from climbing and you will not have to lower them at all times.
  • Keep your knees together when sitting. Press your legs and especially your knees to bring them together when you sit down so as not to expose yourself when wearing a skirt.
  • Bend your knees to squat or move to sit, be sure to bend your knees and maintain the height of the hem of the skirt, rather than making the back of the skirt go up when moving forward.
  • Avoid wearing high heels because it will be even more difficult to walk when you have to control the short skirt and deal with the risk of tripping or falling on uneven surfaces.
  • Wearing a skirt with incorporated shorts is very comfortable. If you wear shorts under your skirt, make sure the shorts are spandex short enough so that they don’t show underneath the skirt. Choose shorts in a neutral color, like black, or one that matches the color of the skirt if possible.
  • If you feel a bit uncomfortable with the amount of skin that is exposed when wearing a short skirt, look for some tops with higher collars and sleeves to cover more of the skin on the upper body.

As you can see, wearing a skirt will make you look feminine and elegant, as long as you wear it with caution, do not change your style for anyone or what you think is popular. Always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Keep these recommendations in mind and choose the skirt that suits you best to look super!

Always keep in mind that wearing a skirt is the easiest and most comfortable thing in the world, but doing it the right way has its science. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your body and confident with what you wear.