2021 is full of news, trends and challenges, and in terms of hairstyles… it will not be left behind. What better time to get a makeover than in 2021? Of course, to start the year strong!

This past year we have already begun to see the medium length hair and the radical haircuts, the pixies and the garçon style, but also the XL manes and long bangs, although yes, no layers ! So the girls with thin hair, you are in luck. No more losing volume!

To clear up any doubts, as we know that you are already thinking about what will be the trends that will be requested in hairdressers after the opening of the new calendar, we will tell you all of them below, and you choose!

Garçon style haircuts and pixie cut

Not another thing, but comfort for a while. And it is that who chooses to cut his hair we know that he is breaking with everything.

A cut that has stopped being considered “masculine” to become sexy , feminine, daring and full of personality.

And how easy is it to style? Goodbye to knots and tangles , to irons and dryers, because drying in the open air will be your best option. Although fixing gels can become your ally to create the wet effect, and so yes, to leave you with your mouth open!

Bob effect

We increased the length a bit and went to short hair over the shoulder, called the bob effect, and this 2021 points it out, because it will be the most demanded. That because? For its ease of maintenance, its comfort and it’s easy combing.

We will see it both in smooth and wavy lines. Movement and volume!

Long bob

We continue to increase the length, and now we talk about the names that already touch the shoulder, the so-called midi.

Although we have to say goodbye to layers, because if they are somehow going to wear this 2021 they will be straight, clean cuts of a single layer . Plain or with surf waves, because this cut offers more than versatility!

Whole mane

We continue in the same dynamic, and it is that these manes that already fall from the shoulders will continue to have completely straight ends . This would be the bet of those who still do not dare to make a radical change. Fashionable, but not much.

XXL manes

Although the novelty of this season will be the shorts, the XXL manes that still do not dare to cut their losses will be able to join the trend by keeping their ends straight.

But don’t forget to keep it well, you already know that long hair requires a lot of care.

Curly haircuts, also straight

Why not? This 2021 ‘s curly hair also joined the trend of straight cuts without losing its volume, with or without bangs, long live the curls!

And now in the haircuts… also the bangs!

Professionals have it very clear, the bangs will not stop being requested in any of their forms: straight, open, short, long, irregular… all!

In addition to being fashionable, we will be able to conceal widening foreheads and expression lines, and it can be combed in a thousand ways: parted on the side, in the middle, back with fixing wax, smooth and even wavy. And they stick with any type of cut!

Although being faithful to the trends of this 2021, the micro bob with straight bangs will be the one that takes the palm of success : a 1920s style that stylizes the neck.

Sure, after reading this article, you already know what cut you are going to ask your hairdresser as soon as you walk through the door, and we are convinced that you choose the one you choose, you will not regret it, because you know, hair always grows!