Although on many occasions we do not give them the place they deserve, the colors of the clothes are important in our outfits. In them, there is the difference between dressing well or badly.

It is not only important to combine the colors of the garments with each other, but to learn to know what colors favor us according to our skin tone. This way you can get the most out of hiding small defects and exalting the parts of your body that you like the most.

But before telling you which colors combine best with your skin tone, and which we therefore recommend you use, we are going to explain the groups of colors that exist.

Types of colors to create your looks

The  warm, cool or neutral colors  are those that we use to create our wardrobe. They match any additional color and work as the base for any look.

Within this range of colors we find: white, gray, beige , black, coffee and navy blue. Sober and easy to combine shades that are worn this autumn / winter season.

On the other hand, there are the basic colors, which being a success every season , it is essential to have at least one piece of each of them in our closet.

They give the looks a fun touch and, in addition, they greatly flatter the face. In this group, we can include the color red, purple, burgundy, orange, salmon or olive green, among others.

Finally, we leave a space for the  complementary colors  that are responsible for providing contrast to our outfits. But beware, these colors vary depending on each season . Some of these complementary colors are yellow, pink, turquoise, coral or green.

Find out which group you belong to according to your skin tone

Depending on the color of your hair, your eyes and your skin tone , you will belong to one group or another of tonality. Pay attention to discover the undertone of your skin and find out what color of clothes is the best for you.

Find out if your skin belongs to the winter group

To this group belong all those people with dark hair (black-brown), dark brown, dark green or blue eyes and a dark or pink and pale skin.

I favor a full range of blues, also fuchsia, red intense, gray, purple bishop and the green bottle . Avoid warm tones like mustard, orange, or olive green. For accessories, choose silver or white gold, and avoid gold and copper.

Do you belong to the summer skin tone group ?

It corresponds to people with blond hair , and like the winter group they have brown, dark green or blue eyes and a dark or pink skin tone .

The light blue, water green, gray green, the whole range of gray, lavender and pink will suit you phenomenally. Avoid yellow and reddish browns. For accessories choose silver and metallic.

Autumn- toned skin

These people usually have mahogany or brown hair, a beige, golden and even freckled skin tone , and brown, honey or green eyes.

As the name of the group suggests, the whole autumn palette looks great on you. So in your wardrobe you cannot miss military green, moss green, khaki, brown tones, salmon, orange reds and petrol blue.

Unlike the previous two groups, in terms of accessories we recommend using gold and copper colors.

Spring group tone

Like the fall group, your skin tone is golden and beige and your eye color is brown, honey, or green . The difference is that your hair color is light brown or blonde .

Avoid pure white, electric blue, purple, and fuchsia. On the contrary, use apple green, yellow, watermelon red, coral and turquoise for your looks.