There are already many large textile brands and designers have used a part of their production to manufacture these protectors. They have gone from necessary to one of the most fashionable accessories. Colorful, with flowers, animals, inscriptions. Some, safe enough. Others, to accompany or cover one of greater guarantees, but that can help to normalize its use with more style.

At that point, the growing role of the textile industry and the stabilization of the situation has led to it being seen as another complement to our day-to-day life. Firms and designers have contributed by launching masks with original designs. Patterned, flowery, colored, and even much more extravagant designs with sequins or rhinestones such as the Gucci mask with which we have recently seen artists such as the British singer Billie Eilish, who has been one of the first to join the group. ‘We’ve got you covered’ awareness campaign to support those professionals who have been left without work due to the pandemic.

Beyond the ethical debate on this trend, the truth is that its demand and variety is increasingly widespread. It is enough to look at the offer on Amazon to verify that in most cases it can take several weeks to receive them at home, while the reception of designs from many brands has been so positive that the message “sold out” accompanies many ecommerce stores.

Although we can find some that include a filter, many of them are made of fabric, and their effectiveness against contagion is not proven. For this reason, some of the firms and, above all, medical experts already warn in advance that more than as a medical device, its use can be as mask covers, and is complemented with masks that do protect.

For now, there are already several firms that have decided to expose their models in the marketplace giant. We offer you a selection of the most striking that we have found:


“The Starry Night” by the famous Dutch painter is one of the paintings most found on t-shirts, posters or any other decorative element. This design reproduces the painting on a washable, reusable, and 3D printed mask with 5 layers and a replaceable filter suitable for men, women and children. It has a comfortable fit on the nose. Its manufacturer guarantees protection from dust, wind, pollution, smoke, smog and pollen, among other particles.

We can find the same model with other graphic motifs such as animals, cosmic images, marijuana leaves or the mouth of American President Donald Trump.


If you are looking for a unique style with pacifist overtones when it comes to wearing this accessory during the new normal, here is a great opportunity. This mask could delight any Beatlemaniac with its vintage style and its inscription of the ‘hippie’ cut (“All you need is love”) that made the Liverpool quartet famous.

The cozy and breathable material. It is made of 100% polyester material and can be used all year round. Includes two pieces of activated carbon filters with replaceable 5-layer protection. Of course, we remember the indications of medical experts in this type of masks if what we are looking for is to ensure 100% of being protected against the virus. The ideal is to use it as a complement to a sanitary mask.


This other design is aimed at those with a little more goth tastes or who have fond memories of Tim Burton’s iconic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” tape. Its technical characteristics are exactly the same as the previous one. Of course, you will not find many more designs that include the charismatic Jack Skellington.


Clothing and accessories brand that likes to reach a wide variety of audiences, they wanted to pay tribute to the most passionate people in the street world who do not want to give up their look in these new times while doing sports. It can be a great acquisition if you are looking to have a groundbreaking accessory that, in turn, provides comfort with extra-fine soft fiber material and protection that prevents us from infecting other people. With the nose bridge design, it exactly fits most adult male or female sizes and almost all face shapes.


In recent weeks we have seen many ‘influencers’ recommend all kinds of looks in the world of masks. Among them, of course, there is no shortage of the most classic prints that have to do with floral motifs and that are very flattering. Its soft extra-fine fiber makes it a perfect complement for these dates, since it is very fresh to the touch with the skin, and although it fits firmly to our face, it does not cause any type of fatigue or pain in its continued use.

However, if you want to get one now, lighten up for the summer, since its demand means that its delivery can take several weeks. If these flowers do not convince you, you can find another dozen different design on internet, among which you will see more striking and colorful styles, even with inscriptions or butterflies.

This is one more example of the allure for flowers. On this occasion, with an embossed fabric in a game of colors that stand out against the black background. The mask is capable of blocking dust and offers good breathability, fully protecting the nose, mouth and chin. In addition, the nasal bridge adapts without problems to any type of face. If you like the model, but not so much the pattern, there are four other designs that you will have in the price link, with reliefs of mice, birds and other floral motifs.


Involving the little ones in this fight against the virus and making them aware that they must protect themselves can be a workhorse for parents. This mask with original starry motifs can be an incentive so that its normalization is not so traumatic.

Being made of cotton, it is a soft, comfortable, breathable and easy to wear product. Its elastic loops have the perfect fit to avoid leaving marks on the face. It is indicated, above all, to prevent the entry of dust, cold, dust, pollen, allergies, fog, exhaust emissions or passive smoke.


Here we have the feline version in case your children go out of their way to carry anything with kittens. This simple black and white design, thanks to its three breathable layers, stands out for its mottled black dots as well as for its breathing valve with a sympathetic feline face, which on the other hand, will help filter suspended particles of less than 2, 5 microns as most of the harmful substances from pollution. Even with everything, let us bear in mind that if we want to keep children totally safe, they are used as a complement to a sanitary mask, since this activated carbon filter system does not guarantee anti-contagion.

Apart from its design and functionality, it is a very comfortable mask with an ideal fabric to avoid irritation to the skin.


This medical model with different designs is one of the safest masks in this selection. It is not only an article that seeks style, but also security with an antibacterial activated carbon filter system, which is used as an absorbent agent to treat toxic substances and to purify air, water and gases, remove oil vapors, flavors, odors and other hydrocarbons from compressed air and gases. Includes 4 cotton towels with air filter.


If you are looking to add a plus to your faded or psychedelic look, you have this reusable one-size-fits-all mask from YYMQ at your fingertips for less than five dollars. It has a soft-touch lining and its manufacturer indicates that it has “a high filtration capacity while maintaining a low resistance to breathing.”

If the style does not convince you, you can take a look at the wide variety that it offers. From prints with leopard skin to flowers and hearts, among other designs.


This mask may have a simple design, but it’s quite a challenge for any mathematician you might come across. Made with 100% polyester fiber material, its protection can come in handy as a means of cleaning the air or as a complement to a sanitary mask that adds ingenuity and safety.


Camouflage fashion has been gaining prominence over time to become one of the most successful styles in all kinds of accessories and many collections. These masks are designed to be protected when we do outdoor sports, so it is perfect for the summer. Its non-woven filter material and extra- fine soft fiber is capable of blocking a good part of harmful agents while allowing great breathability.


Why not take advantage of the need to protect part of our face by launching an idea that we believe is just as necessary or just? At least, this is the objective with some brand has developed these unisex masks. At the end of the day, cultural or artistic tendencies also try to be able to express themselves, in this case, to show rejection by those who see themselves superior to other races, and through a cinematographic icon like Ghostbusters.

This is a polyester mask with light insulation and 3D design that we can reuse and machine wash without problem, although it is recommended not to use bleach.