To date we thought that the trends were temporary , they are ending so that other newer ones take their place. But we have come to the conclusion that a specific decade, that of the 80s, left such a dent in the world of fashion that today we continue to rescue many of the styles that were worn back then. Today we tell you the trends that have persisted over time to become a boom today. Take note!

The trends that never stopped being

The straight and cropped pants

In washed blue or black, their hem above the ankles makes these pants a star garment to combine with ankle boots or basic sneakers. But what we like the most about them is their stylizing effect thanks to the high shot. It is logical that they continue to get along!

The volume always on the shoulders

One of the latest trends that take us directly to the 80s are puffed sleeves and shoulder pads. These bulky and colorful garments give any look a very top romantic air that does not go out of style.

The trendiest tailoring

The suits became a milestone in the 80s, and today we continue in accordance with this elegant trend. Whether oversized, checked or striped, pastel, etc., this classic will always be a hit.

The scrunchie

The mythical hair bands that our mothers wore so much also deserve not to be forgotten. This wrinkled fabric accessory, hence its name, is usually made of very striking patterns or textures. Perfect to highlight a gathered up to a tight ponytail.

Well of brilli brilli

The 80s were a real spectacle of overloaded and flashy looks. The sequins and velvet were responsible for providing that extra shine, just as they are still present today. They do not fail!

Those wonderful 80s brimming with personality and character continue to set trends, and we are not surprised at all. Join the fashion that defined a decade and continues to impress everyone who knows it. Up with that eighties spirit!