The fashion of socks has transcended so much that it has reached the heels themselves , resulting in an ideal outfit , since it allows you to wear your favorite heels regardless of the time of year in which we are.

With many in favor and many others against, wearing  stilettos  with this garment divides the population more than the norm of combining pink and red. And there are times we see it on Instagram and we love the combination and on other occasions this pairing reminds us of the ‘tourists’.

We assure you that it is one of the most elegant bets in fashion, however very few people dare to combine heels with socks. If you want to wear them in style, you just have to read this.

Learn to wear socks and heels with style

The most important thing about this new trend is knowing how to wear it with style. For this there are several options, since you can use the socks as the breaking point of your outfits, or on the contrary you can put them to match the rest of the accessories you wear.

One of the main secrets you should know is that it is much better to wear them with skirts or dresses, and try to avoid long pants.

You can buy socks with the same pattern as your shirt, skirt, or dress. As we see in the photo, the socks, unlike highlighting and looking like a horror, we see them as part of a whole that fits perfectly.

Sometimes it will not be easy for you to combine socks with your outfit, so we recommend that to facilitate this task you better use thin socks, executive style stockings, despite the fact that they are less warm than classic socks.

As we show you below, it is possible to wear white sports socks with heels and not look ridiculous , however we are aware that you have to wear them with a lot of style and in a very modern way. They will also give you a more informal and less sophisticated touch .If you like what you see but it is too daring for you , we offer you the possibility of joining this fashion but in a very neutral way. How? Very easy. You can wear socks in the same color as your heels, achieving a boot effect that will go unnoticed.

The socks and tights you want to show off this season

Stop putting on the first pair you hunt in the drawer in the morning; choosing well the socks and the socks  also is important . And more if they will be the star piece of your next looks . 

There are countless designs-full color, prints, sporty style, with embroidery, with the logos of the best firms, with transparencies… it’s just a matter of finding your own style .

You know, never say this water will not drink, and less in terms of trends. It already happened to us with skinny pants, with wellies and now with heels and socks. So go adapting your drawer with the  most elegant, warm and fun socks, because it seems that this new fashion has come to stay.