Being a short woman doesn’t have to be an obstacle to wearing skirts. We gather five ways to wear this garment for those who want to lengthen their figure.

When you’re petite, shopping for a skirt is likely to become a challenge. And is that one that is too long can become a faux pas because it can make your legs look shorter. A midi can work, but you have to choose your shoes wisely, so what are the best skirts for short women?

There are skirts that are perfect for short women, but yes, you have to know how to search and have patience to identify which ones best suit your height and silhouette. At Vogue we review which are the best options to buy this garment if you are short.

Mini skirts

The miniskirts can become your greatest allies if you’re a short woman. Being short, the immediate effect is that your legs will look longer and you will gain height. Of course, you have to find the right way to wear them so as not to overdo it with the shortness of the skirt. Those that are pleated can give a very elegant effect to your outfit, a la Blair Waldorf.

Skirts with vertical lines

The vertical line print can give your legs a longer visual effect if your goal is to look taller. If you use them with pumps, the effect will be even more striking and you will stylize your figure, a trick that we have seen in celebrities like Angelina Jolie.

Pencil skirts

The straight skirts or stubby pencil are perfect for women, the reason? they lengthen the figure, stylize it and make your legs look longer. They are very elegant, you only need a plain blouse or shirt to be the best dressed and they are perfect to wear with high boots, combat boots or heels.

Asymmetric skirts

Yes, there is a way to wear midi skirts when you are short and it is asymmetrical. To begin with, it must be clarified that the midi length goes below the knees, but does not reach the heels, this is important because many times it is believed that short women cannot wear skirts that go beyond their knees because they are, they will lose between the sea of ​​fabric of the garment.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as asymmetrical cuts are very flattering to a petite figure, especially when it comes to skirts that are shorter in the front and long in the back. In summer, they can be worn with strappy sandals and the result is endless legs.

High rise

The high rise, the one that reaches your waist and highlights it with great style, can become the best friend of women who measure 1.60 or less. The same thing happens with the previous garments: if you are short, the idea is to lengthen your figure and that is what this type of shot does, because it conceals where your legs really begin. If you do the combination of high waist more midi, it will be a winning look.