Cutting with 2021 for many women is synonymous with cutting their hair. There is no doubt that a good way to change our point of view and start a new stage, leaving a bad streak behind, is to change your look. 

And we are seeing it: short hair and medium length hair are a trend , along with vintage  styles  that suit all ages. And the bob cut is one of the ones that come back with more impetus. But with an interesting incentive: the bob cut is not only worn for straight hair, but also for curly hair. 

Casual, comfortable and easy-care cuts are becoming more and more popular; cuts and hairstyles that are also very flattering.

Bob cut with curly hair

The bob cut is traditionally associated with straight hair. But since the end of last year we are seeing how curly hair is a wonderful option for this type of cut, both with natural curls and waves and with wavy or curly hair.

One of the wonders of the bob cut with curly and wavy hair is, precisely, its naturalness and comfort. In addition, it is easy to style and maintain. Because if we have learned something during this pandemic, it is how wonderful a haircut is that allows you to be beautiful and comfortable with little effort. And if you have little volume, with this cut you will get an apparently more generous and moving mane. 

If you want to wear this type of cut and you have straight hair,  among the most interesting options  for a curly bob cut we can find a wide variety of curlers to achieve a natural hairstyle, with volume and body, that respect the hair to the maximum. And if you want to define your waves a little more, this type of device will help you achieve it with minimal effort and in record time. 

And if you have unruly and wavy hair and what you like is the naturalness of tousled hair, this can also be achieved with your bob cut.  

The natural continues to set trends

Those incredibly defined and artificially sharp cuts, stiff with little movement, are long gone. For years we have been seeing how the natural and casual look is gaining ground. And each time more. 

With the confinement, this tendency for the natural has increased, not only in hairstyle, but also in makeup and even in the way of dressing. As for the hair, for example,  some celebrities chose to leave it natural . A very celebrated case is that of Jennifer López, who has surprised us with some wonderful natural curls with which she looks great.

We have also seen how gray hair is no longer a problem for many women. And more and more people decide to leave the dye routine behind or choose to dye using low-maintenance methods that, in many cases, do not finish covering the reeds or that quickly expose them.


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