There are several cuts that are very fashionable, the boyfriend, the girlfriend and also, the mom jeans!

In the world of denim there are all kinds of cuts: skinny, boyfriend, girlfriend, and now: mom jeans. Although these pants were released in the 90s, fashion has brought them back to life. They have a high rise (that is, they fit at the waist), an infinite zipper (or row of buttons, as the case may be) and are baggy on all sides.

And why are they called that? Because they are the type of pants that our mothers used in the 90s. They help to achieve a slim figure, precisely thanks to how wide they are. Therefore, many girls have not doubted it twice when giving them a chance in their different outfits.

Mom jeans: the garment of the moment

As with other garments, these pants can come in different colors. Although it is possible to notice that there is a certain tendency to choose those with a lighter blue tone . However, you can also create amazing outfits with mom jeans in distressed black or dark blue.

You don’t have to break into your mother’s closet to get them, or look in vintage stores . Actually, you can find them in your favorite stores. Although of course, if you prefer authentic ones, you will have to rummage through your mother’s things.

Today’s mom jeans have a slightly modern twist, so they will never be completely the same as those from the 90s. However, they retain their distinctive charm very well.

Check out all the outfits you can put together with them below. You will love them!

Roll up your jeans

Although there are already models of jeans designed with the sleeve rolled up, you can do it yourself easily.

The mom jeans rolled up on the legs will give a relaxed and cool touch to your whole outfit. It’s very simple: take the cuffs of your jeans and start folding them several times, adjusting the final length you want. Ready ! This alternative is very beautiful to look at and is ideal to show off your footwear in spring or summer.

Look casual and elegant at the same time

Just by adding a belt to your mom jeans you will be able to mark the waist even more and look more stylized . Just choose the belt of preference and voila!

If you combine your pants with a cotton t-shirt inside the jeans and on top of a leather jacket, you will have a perfect outfit for any occasion.

Shirt and jeans: a classic

The combination of mom jeans and shirt will make you look very classic and beautiful. You can choose to use a shirt in the same shade of blue as the jeans , to get a really simple, delicate and elegant look.

On the other hand, you can roll up the sleeves of your shirt a bit, just like the cowboy boot, so you can achieve a super chic finish .

Retro style

Another interesting alternative to accompany your mom jeans is to wear an oversize sweater slightly inserted at the waist of the pants. Complete the outfit with white sneakers or the color that you like best. You will thus have a great look with a certain retro air, but current. 

You can play with neutral and vibrant colors to make the outfit look much cooler. Have fun!