Hello girls! We always want to be glamorous, wearing the best clothes. Today I bring you an incredible news! Dresses make us look more elegant and sophisticated, so if we have a few extra pounds, they will help us hide them.

These, like long skirts, can be worn during the day, so that they make us feel comfortable and very free. They are spacious, comfortable and can be in different designs and cuts.

It is important to choose the model because that way we will correct with these dresses or skirts the parts of our body that we do not want to show or hide.

In general, the best cuts that will make you look slimmer will be those that are made below the breast line, so that the fabric of the dress falls and hides the conflict areas. Creating an illusion of a slimmer figure.

In the case of skirts, these can be of various styles. Those with a high waistband are very convenient, since they will hide the belly or rolls and will have a fall that will make us look taller.

If you like flying, it is very important that it is located in the part of the hem, in such a way that it simulates a small movement to the skirt.

Those of tube style are indicated for girls who have little belly but wide hips, without being too bulky. In this way they will show off an enviable figure.

The detail is that you choose a garment that you wear during the day and that you feel comfortable with it. Remember that it will also be your cover letter and how you look will be remembered either in a meeting, on a work day or in a casual outing.

It is also essential to know the type of body you have in order to buy the style of clothing that best suits you, highlighting the virtues and overshadowing the details that you like least about your body.

One of the ideal models for chubby girls, is the one that has a very pronounced neckline, so that the eyes focus on it, in a V-shape. It can even have dropped sleeves in such a way that it reveals part of the shoulder and the sleeves may have a three-quarter cut. Below the bust line it will be cut so that the fabric falls in a rained way, hiding the belly and the most prominent areas.

The tones also influence since some tones lose weight and others make you have a few extra pounds. For example, it is well known that black tones make us look slimmer and above all elegant. They can have delicate gold or silver details, such as a chain detail below the bust line.

Wear these dresses and you will feel much more feminine. Dare yourself!