One of the most iconic trends of the 1980s returns. Take a chance to try it on to look stunning.

In terms of fashion, the 80s provided great freedom in the way women dressed with designs that bordered on extravagance. Currently, one of the most iconic trends of that decade is being resumed: shoulder pads, those pads that raised a feeling of supremacy in women. They return in blazers, blouses, dresses, vests and coats (for those who travel to cold destinations).

If we talk about styling, perhaps the shoulder pads do not favor all body types (some fashions only come to enhance a particular area of ​​the body or give a different figure to those regularly marked).  If you wear them too big, high and exaggerated, they will always widen your upper body; However, there are different thicknesses and lengths, so not all of them will disproportionate your body. Take note!

Worn in a thin to medium thickness, the shoulder pads will make you look slim and with character, as this garment gives structure to the body and elevates your image.

If you have wide hips, wearing a piece with shoulder pads that also marks your waist will provide balance to the width of the hips with the shoulders.

Females with dropped shoulders can appear squarer in the upper area of ​​the shoulders by wearing shoulder pads. This trick will get them out of the sad, depressed and even depressed projection that they may be giving with that posture.

The pads will also add elegance to your executive looks. For your meetings, try wearing a simple blouse or dress with this detail with which you will say without words ‘here I am!’

Careful with: 

Short collars. If this is your case, be sure to try the ones that only give a straighter structure to the shoulders, but do not add volume. Also, make sure that the garment has a V neck that elongates your neck towards the chest and does not cut it.

For the most fashionistas this trend is ideal, since they tend to opt for those striking, dramatic and creative details to break with the everyday of a look.

Dressed in shoulder pads: Where do shoulder pads come from?

The use of dresses with shoulder pads and specifically, shoulder pads in clothing, is one of the most talked about trends this year. Shoulder pads are back from the 80s to give your looks a special touch.

The shoulder pads were another accessory in the wardrobe in the late 80s and early 90s. They were used to put them on the bra straps, to highlight the figure of the shoulders under shirts, jackets, tops and even coats.

Currently, a little more progress has been made and this trend is already included in clothing, it is not necessary to buy shoulder pads to use them.

If you want to see the different ways to wear a good dress with shoulder pads, stay with us!

Different ways to wear dresses with shoulder pads

Next you will see that wearing dresses with shoulder pads does not have to be something extravagant, they can be worn in various ways and achieve different effects depending on what we want to achieve.

For example, in this plain dress in sky blue, the shoulder pads add a touch of elegance that would not be so visible without them.

With the back exposed and a closed neckline, this dress knows how to give prominence to your body, making it slimmer by wearing the shoulder pads included in it.

This satin midi dress is perfect for any day event, perfect for this season with long sleeves and also including this trend, you are sure to surprise!

If it is the first time that you are going to wear dresses with shoulder pads, this is the perfect dress for you, simple but with the different touch that this accessory provides.

To give more volume to your shoulders

If you want to get more volume, the ideal is to join the shoulder pads with different cuts. Undoubtedly one of the ways to achieve your more eighties look is to wear a garment with puffed sleeves.

These sleeves achieve a retro effect that will turn heads. Who doesn’t remember puff sleeve outfits? If you want to achieve a similar style, we propose several dresses with shoulder pads with large volumes.

It is an elegant option to show off your shoulders, plus the black polka dot print gives it that daring touch you need.

In this case, the V- shaped neckline will flatter your chest and the sleeves will embellish your figure. It is an elegant and daring dress, mixing the print, the sleeves with shoulder pads and the gathered waist.

Flyer fan? Add them to your dresses with shoulder pads

We know that ruffles are a sometimes-complicated cut, but after seeing these proposals for your shoulders it is very possible that you will change your mind regarding dresses with shoulder pads.

For the most risky and groundbreaking, this way of wearing the shoulder pads is indicated.

It is a sophisticated way of wearing a simple dress, but with a differentiated touch, the ruffles becoming the center of the suit.

If the shoulder pads already favored in plain suits and with puffed sleeves, see how the ruffles look.

These flyers are big, but we also have a more minimalist option for you. With this you can wear ruffles on the shoulders in a more discreet way and with a chicer style.

Not all are dressed with shoulder pads

We know that this trend has come to stay and that is why we have not stayed only in dresses. The perfect option for day to day. And it is that not only the shoulder pads are to be used in important events as an extraordinary accessory. In the 80s they used them even for the most everyday T-shirts.

This floral print T-shirt is a way to add a different style to a simple look.

T-shirts are your ideal garment if you want to start wearing shoulder pads. After trying to wear one, you will surely want to wear shoulder pads on your favorite shirts.

Patterned, polka-dotted or plain, choose your style and be the first to set trends.