With the arrival of autumn, you have already begun to remove the clothes of the season, shoes are one of the first aspects that begin to vary. You ditch summer flip-flops for boots. So, we want to give you some tips on how to combine boots above the knee. Keep reading and take note of our fashion recommendations to look great.

Some boots to make an impact

There is no downside to over the knee boots. These create a great impact when wearing them, you will attract attention with them. But it is important to know that they are not for everyone.

If you have a pair of high boots and you are not confident when wearing them, or you don’t know how you should wear them, it is best to keep reading this post. It is a style guide for wearing knee boots.

This shoe model is ideal for autumn / winter so it cannot be missing from your wardrobe. The height of the boots makes them an ideal complement to protect you from the cold or rain, and they add style to your look. In addition, they are comfortable and versatile.

How to wear over the knee boots

Knowing your body, your way of dressing and your wardrobe will help you put together a better look with high-top boots.

1. With an oversized sweatshirt, sweater or T-shirt

Since over the knee boots reach your thighs, they can be used to replace jeans. That is, as substitutes for pants. But, to cover yourself from the low temperatures, it is recommended to wear an oversized sweater or sweatshirt, which leaves a space of about 10 centimeters between shoes and clothing.

You will look very good; you will be protected from the cold and fashionable. This look is ideal for tall women who don’t like to draw attention to their size.

The look with an oversized t-shirt or one that belongs to your boyfriend and is large, will be ideal for the not so cold days. Equally an excellent combination and very fresh. You will look fashionable and somewhat casual.

2. With jeans

This combination will allow you to have a very casual style, ideal for going to the mall, to university or for a casual Friday at work. Wear your boots above the knee or even ankle boots with a pair of skinny jeans, close to the body. Using this you can have a style that attracts attention and that will be very comfortable. It is a recommended style for women with athletic bodies.

Another option is to wear white jeans with tall boots, they are ideal to look fashionable and attract attention. The contrast of the brown or black of the leather boots with the tone of the pants will allow you to catch eyes when you walk.

You can also wear your over-the-knee boots flat with worn or ripped jeans, and wear them with a simple T-shirt and blazer. A very comfortable look, ideal for any casual outing.

And we couldn’t leave out high-cut jeans. You can combine this type of pants with high boots with or without heels and a black long-sleeved blouse. You can give your outfit a bit of color with a wallet in a pop tone. This is one of the best looks with this type of shoes.

The look with dark jeans is ideal for curvy women. Combining them with a blouse or long sweater will look perfect.

3. Wear them with shorts

You will think: “It’s very cold outside! How can I wear shorts? And the truth is not impossible. If you wear high boots over the knee, combined with shorts, you will still be well protected from the cold.

With this combination you can keep your legs warm. Also, at the top you can wear a sweatshirt or a sweater. This will create a super chic look.

4. With a button-down shirt

You can take a shirt from your boyfriend and turn it into a dress if you wear ankle boots above the knee. You can be ready in just five minutes and still look great. Of course, make sure that the shirt is long enough, that it looks something similar to an oversized sweater.

You can also wear a button-down shirt in your size, with skinny jeans and high-top suede boots. You can leave the shirt open with a white T-shirt underneath or button it all up. This can be turned into your favorite look for comfort and versatility.

5. With a maxi dress

It is an excellent combination, over the knee boots with a maxi dress. But, make sure the dress has a slit in the front or side, so you can show off your boots. Because it is useless to use them if you will have them hidden under your clothes.

On Pinterest you will find inspiration for different looks with knee high boots, there are options for all tastes.

6. Combine boots with skirts

You can choose to combine your high boots with different models of skirts, here are some of the most popular options:

  • With miniskirts. It is a widely spread and repeated look; nothing can go wrong. You will look sexy and chic.
  • Another option is to use a formal skirt. This look is not for everyone, not everyone likes it, the idea is that the skirt covers your legs and reaches a little over the boots, it must be a straight cut model. It is ideal for going to work or for more elegant situations, and perfect for petite women.
  • Likewise, you can choose to wear high boots with long skirts, these should always have an opening, to create a look a bit sexy but at the same time conservative. The idea, as with the maxi dress, is to show a bit of the boots through the dress.
  • You can also opt for short pleated skirts to match the boots. It is a not so popular combination, but one that looks great.
  • If you’re curvy and don’t know how to pair knee-high boots with skirts, opt for a skirt with spikes that falls just above the start of the boots.

7. With outer garment

Combine the color of your boots with the shade of the coat, bomber or jacket you are using to cover yourself from the cold. This will create a very pleasant visual sensation. It is not mandatory that you do it if you do not have the matching clothes, but if you do, it will look great.

And to add a different tone you can add a contrasting scarf.

It is also allowed to play with the textures, combine your boots with a vest or faux fur coat for a very winter style.

8. With leather pants

One look that could not be missing from this list of how to wear boots above the knee is that of leather pants. It looks excellent, you can wear it with a white button-down shirt and a beige coat and you will complete a fashion look that will catch eyes.

9. With short dress

A dress that is just above the boots will look great, it will allow you to have a sexy and comfortable look. Ideal for going out to dance or for a special date. You can wear dresses in red, black and even white tones, combine them with the color of the footwear.

Recommendations for wearing high-top boots

We know that in real life not all clothes look like on the catwalk. And that getting a good look with this model of boots is not so simple, but you can achieve it if you follow our advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, plump, or skinny, there are options for all body types.

  • Wear the least amount of jewelry possible. You don’t want your look to look overloaded. Let the boots be the center of attention.
  • Invest in a good pair of over the knee boots, with or without heels, this will depend on your taste. Look for ones that go with everything, that look good with jeans but also with a dress. Look for versatility.
  • Wear your boots with clothing that is covered in at least one point. That is, with a high neckline, with long sleeves.
  • Complete your look with a coat or jacket on colder days, they will not detract from the boots.
  • Do not allow the space of skin between the boots and the skirt, shorts or sweatshirt to exceed 15 centimeters.
  • Buy boots that fit well on your legs, not too tight or too loose.
  • If you are afraid to wear over-the-knee boots, then go for a monochrome look, combining black leather boots with a matching black jumper or sweatshirt and an asymmetrical skirt.

You already know 9 different ways to combine boots above the knee. And some recommendations on how to use this type of footwear. Remember that these are not just for the runways and that you can include them in your daily autumn / winter looks. Let us know which outfits you prefer and how you like to wear these shoes.