Winter is the time for festivities, and although the cold is pressing, it is a mistake to think that for this reason you cannot wear a dress; The key to everything lies in dressing in layers, so that the body is protected from moisture, while the talent of fashion is brought out, creating combinations capable of astonishing anyone.

Ways to wear a dress in winter without dying of cold:

By antonomasia, dresses are the protagonists of fashion in the summer or spring; However, this does not imply that it is mandatory to deprive yourself of its use during those days when the cold is pressing, as long as you know the correct way to supplement it.

Although in summer seasons, they represent the ideal garment for women due to their feminism, practicality and freshness, their use in winter is somewhat more complex; However, it will be enough with a bit of wave and creativity to achieve comfortable and beautiful looks that have them as the protagonist.

Basic rules for wearing dresses in the winter:

  1. Dress in layers: suitable underwear and stockings will be necessary to avoid freezing your legs; It is not enough to contemplate the possibility of leggings under the dress or boots at the height of the knees, in order to leave little space between them and the garment.
  2. Add sweaters, bags or covers over dresses: the best thing about it is that in addition to being warm, they tend to be perfect accessories to create interesting visual effects. For example, a dress with a pullover on top.
  3. Wearing a long-sleeved blouse or sweater under light strappy dresses: in addition to protecting yourself from drops in temperature, it will add a chic touch to the outfit, making it appear cooler and more relaxed.
  4. Preferably opt for long and thick fabric models: getting away from the cold is easier with suitable textures – such as velvet – not so much for the warmth and comfort it provides, but for how elegant these kinds of dresses are.
  5. The accessories say it all: even the simplest and lightest dress can be worn perfectly in winter if it is harmonized with an extra-large wool jacket, a good hat and a soft scarf, without a doubt the perfect outfit for the cold.
  6. Cover the top according to the situation: this is another reason why it is advisable to dress in layers, as it can be subtracted or added depending on the needs that the day demands.

What dresses to wear in winter?

Beyond the type of dress recommended or not and what sets trends, it is convenient to pay attention to accessories or accessories that will prevent you from dying of cold; Indeed, fabrics such as felt, corduroy and velvet are perfect for the occasion and are super fashionable, there is no reason to limit yourself.

The correct accessories and footwear are essential:

The use of accessories during the winter fulfills two basic functions, contribute to creating impactful outfits, and avoid suffering from the cold. In this sense, the ideal is to combine dresses with scarves, high boots and coats; Layers are also very fashionable, accessories that look good with almost all kinds of dresses and provide the advantage of keeping warm when the situation warrants it, being able to easily do without them, if you get hot.

Additional recommendations for wearing a dress in winter:

Another tip that should not be overlooked when wearing dresses in winter is to opt for boots above the knee, preferably in warm textures such as suede in order to increase the protection of the legs against the cold.

Of course, this does not imply going all winter wearing boots; in fact, it is just as feasible to wear a dress harmonized with tennis shoes. As it is read, it will be enough to add a good coat and beanie for comfortable and fashionable looks.

Assuming the occasion demands it, ball gowns can also be worn in the peak season; In this case, the key lies in accompanying it with thick leggings in order not to lose elegance or sophistication, but not to freeze to death.

Mix styles!

Although the basic element of the season are the boots above the knee, being on the side of winter fashion requires the acquisition of other accessories; Ponchos, hats, scarves, scarves, gloves and warm socks will be mandatory in the making of outfits that dazzle.

When it comes to shopping, fill the cart with knitted and long-sleeved dresses, as they are the ones that set the tone on the catwalks; Likewise, leather jackets, the occasional comfortable sweater and leggings should not be lacking, so as not to let the cold pass even using a long shirt as a dress.