Denim skirts, also known as denim skirts, are a staple in any wardrobe. Its versatility allows it to generate a multitude of looks that adapt to any event or meeting, so if you want to know the best outfit with a denim skirt, you have come to the ideal place!

Casual, informal, chic, beachy, sporty or even bohemian outfits are possible thanks to this extremely comfortable garment, so if you want to look extraordinary with your denim skirts throughout the year, you cannot miss the following article. Take note, as we explain how to combine a denim skirt to get the most out of this garment.

How to wear a short denim skirt

What are the best denim skirt combinations if I have a mini denim? We explain how to wear this cool and comfortable garment both in winter and summer so you can design your favorite outfits.

Short denim skirt with trainers

The short denim skirt looks with sneakers are perfect for a casual stay or for an informal outing, since it is a comfortable outfit (but no less elegant) that, depending on how you want to see yourself, you can wear with shirts, t-shirts, jerseys or even a blazer. We show you an example of a sure hit!

Short denim skirt with heel

If you want to go for a more sophisticated look and your denim garment is an asymmetric, frayed or ruffled denim skirt, bet on combining it with sandals or heels. Accompany this option with blouses with puff sleeves, transparencies, classic cut shirts or with blazers and you will get a perfect and very elegant day or night look.

Short denim skirt with boots

Boots or ankle boots are often the big stars when it comes to combining a denim skirt. And it is that whether you are looking for a good outfit for winter, or if you want something more suitable for summer, the different styles of these shoes will allow you to create great outfits. Bet on black ankle boots if you want to achieve a more formal look or brown boots if you prefer a more casual outfit.

How to wear a long denim skirt

Long denim skirts are perfect to wear with boots or heels, as they are the key element to achieve a comfortable outfit but more sophisticated and elegant than in the previous sections. Get a feminine and effortless look with the following combinations with a long denim skirt:

Classic outfit

It does not fail; The classic outfit with a long denim skirt is ideal to stylize your figure and achieve an elegant combination without breaking your head too much. If it’s summer, you can opt for a black or navy-blue t-shirt or shirt, and for open heels that add a little more originality to the look. If it’s winter, change the shirt for a high collar and go for boots or ankle boots.

Casual outfit

If you want to take advantage of and create an outfit with a denim skirt for a more casual outing, here we recommend that you bet on white sneakers or with something more color to contrast a little with the color of the skirt, which will attract the most attention. Choose a sweater or a T-shirt to wear inside the skirt and, if you feel like it, add a belt to the outfit that matches the shoes or an accessory.

Vintage and daring outfit

Do you want something more versatile and groundbreaking? If the answer is yes, we suggest you combine your long denim skirt with boots or high-heeled ankle boots and a more daring top. Bet on blouses with a pronounced or open neckline, on transparencies or on a leather jacket that gives a more powerful touch to the look. Do you want more information on How to achieve a vintage look?

How to wear a black denim skirt

The black denim skirt is perfect to create sophisticated looks, modern looks or rocker looks, since it is a garment as we have seen very versatile that, in addition, can gain elegance in black.

The most elegant

How to combine a black denim skirt for a formal outing? If you want to give the most careful and classic result, do not hesitate to combine the skirt with a white shirt (or black for a total look) and comfortable heels. You can accompany this combination with a black or gray blazer or a biker, depending on the look you prefer!

The most rocker

Bring out your rockier side with a black denim skirt and go for it with some black military boots (or with sneakers, if you want to be more comfortable). For the upper part, here we suggest breaking a bit with the monotony of black with a white t-shirt or with more colorful motifs. Finish your outfit with a biker and … dazzle!

The most comfortable

Go for a striped, polka-dot or more or less colorful shirt, depending on what you want to achieve. If you want a more sober outfit, we advise you not to go out of white, black or ocher and browns.

How to wear a denim skirt in winter

As we have already pointed out, the denim skirt is a safe bet at any time of the year, thanks to its versatility and its wide range of possibilities. Get the most out of it during winter with the following possible combinations.

With sweater or turtleneck

Sweaters are the great allies of denim skirts in winter, so we recommend you go for maxi-sweaters whether you want to combine a long or a short skirt. Another wonderful option is a fitted high neck T-shirt to further stylize your figure, a more successful outfit perhaps for more formal outings. In any case, don’t let winter dye you dark colors and dare to combine your denim skirts with some of your favorite bright colors.

With stockings and booties

Whatever you wear on top, in winter you can combine your denim skirt with thick tights and ankle boots so you don’t get cold. This combination will allow you to be very comfortable without having to give up style. And if you want something more fun and original, bet on colored stockings!

How to wear a denim skirt in summer


Denim skirts in summer are the perfect option to generate any outfit, since their freshness is ideal to propose you from the most casual summer looks to those that require more sophistication. Take note:

Denim skirt with white

There are mainly two of the coolest and most casual options if you wonder how to combine a denim skirt in summer, but the most classic and subtle of all is this, combining your skirt with a white blouse or t-shirt. If you are preparing a more informal meeting, choose a white shirt or top and, to put on, some very cool sandals or comfortable sneakers. If you want a more worked and formal look, go for a more elegant blouse and some high-heeled sandals.

Colored denim skirt

Summer is the best time of year to bet on colors, so if you are going to meet friends or someone special, nothing better than accompanying your blue or black denim skirt with a top or a fresh and colorful t-shirt. We show you some options!