The dolls are beautiful and their main characteristics are immaculate skin and big, striking eyes. If you want to look like one, you will need a lot of makeup and the right accessories. Follow these tips on how-to put-on makeup and put the finishing touches on your look!

How to make your face like a doll

Having beautiful skin and a perfect face is not impossible, it is enough to have a beauty routine and stick to it so that impurities do not take over you. If you don’t have one yet, then these eight steps are for you.

Change your pillowcase

Change your pillowcase once a week without fail, so your face will not be exposed to impurities.

Wash it

Wash your face with lukewarm water and use an antibacterial soap. Always dry it with a clean towel that you use only for your face.

Apply an astringent

Once your skin is dry, apply a toner or astringent to remove any remaining dirt. Wait for it to dry on its own.

Acne treatment

If you use any acne treatment, this is when you should apply it and skip the steps that follow. If you do not use any type of treatment you can continue.

Eye contour

The contour of your eyes is one of the areas to which you should pay more attention. So, a special treatment for them will make the rest of your face look wonderful.

Moisturize your skin

Always moisturize your face according to the type of skin you have. If you don’t, it will dry out or produce more fat than normal.

Apply sunscreen

It does not matter that you only go to the store, your skin must always be protected with at least one protector with SPF 30, thus you will avoid premature spots and wrinkles.

Use a foundation that doesn’t clog pores

Now yes, after all this you can go to sleep or start putting on makeup. Try to use makeup that does not cover your pores, so you avoid pimples.

How to put-on makeup to look like a doll

Few things are as innocent and beautiful as a doll with bulging eyes. For this reason, various girls enjoy creating makeup to look like a doll. The doll style can be modified for daily wear or to wear to the costume party.

You will need to:

  • Makeup base
  • Translucent powders
  • Eyeshadow
  • White eye pencil
  • Black eyeliner
  • Pink blush
  • Pink lip liner and pink lipstick
  • False eyelashes.
  • A blush brushes.


  1. First you must make sure that your skin is well cleaned and exfoliated before you apply makeup.
  2. Now you have to apply a matte makeup base on your face using the tips of your fingers or you can also use a sponge. Cover your entire face and lips as well. In addition, the base must be of a tone similar to the natural tone of your skin. For a dramatic, porcelain-like look, a light-toned shade can be used. Then you seal the base with the translucent powder, as you must apply it with a powder brush.
  3. Apply a bright and luminous colored eyeshadow on your eyes. Shading is optional, but it will look young and cheerful. Complete the look with a deep white or light shade below the bone and also in the corners of your eyes so that the area of ​​your eyes attracts a lot of attention.
  4. Now you take the black eyeliner and you are going to start outlining the upper area on your lash line. The eyeliner will be only in the upper area and the lower one will look naked so that the big eyes can shine. Adding a touch of white eyeliner to the water line of the eye will make it look brighter.
  5. And the eye makeup will be completed with large eyelashes. You can get this with mascara chips or mascara to lengthen lashes or by placing false eyelashes. The effect should be concentrated only on the upper lashes. Although, you can put individual lashes in the lower area for a more dramatic effect, if you want.
  6. Now you have to apply a little blush with the brush. Subtlety is not the effect you want to achieve, so the shadow should be pink or light red. To achieve the full effect of a doll, apply the blush in a circular way with the brush.
  7. Use a pink lip liner to draw a cupid’s bow. You should emphasize the V in the upper half of your lips and also in the outer line, curving the line a little down before getting the corners of the mouth. When you delineate the lower area, you have to continue to where the upper area ends. The result in the lower area should be in the shape of a half circle. Now you have to fill the area of ​​the eyeliner with a lipstick of the same color.