Many women from a very young age have wanted to look like this doll with a masterful figure, face and hair. Barbie always dresses in fashion and with great taste when choosing her looks.

Everything looks super good on her, but it is also known that not all of us are born with the physical proportions to see ourselves as Barbie. How can you make yourself look like her? Here I will give you some tips to make you look like one.

What to wear to look like a human Barbie

To look like a real Barbie, you need to spend time carefully selecting both the wardrobe and the tones. For this reason, we invite you to pay attention to the following points.

  • Pink is where you should start. This is Barbie’s favorite color, if you want to look like her, your closet should be filled with this shade in all its variations, from pastel pink to the hottest pink.
  • The Jean is also something that characterizes Barbie, you can look for it in the light pre-washed and elastic fabric tones, so it will adapt to your figure marking the silhouette of the beautiful doll. In addition, you can buy Jean Jacket or jackets, vests, shorts, skirts, etc. in fabric.
  • Barbie’s shoes marked an icon. Choose pointed and tall shoes, this will undoubtedly help you look like her, very elegant and feminine.
  • Last but not least, stand out with your hair and makeup. Barbie always wears blonde hair, if this is not your case you can buy a straight blonde wig, that will help you finish complementing your look, in addition to the pink lipstick, well-outlined eyes plus super long eyelashes.

Of course, an important factor that you should dedicate time to daily is the task of exercising so that you can show off an impact figure. You don’t need extreme measures, but you can do your best to stay at your ideal weight.

How to look like a human Barbie in summer

As you know Barbie loves adventures on the beach. In this summer time you can see yourself like her using some of these tips.

  1. Look for Jean shorts or miniskirts in light tones and what you should not forget is to accompany them with the inevitable pink shirts or shirt.
  2. Something that will also help you is buying clothes from the Barbie Mattel line. And the coolest thing is that they have adult sizes.
  3. You can also get the swimsuits in pink tones and play with the accessories that Barbie would use, such as large beach bags, hats, caps, etc.

Tips to be like real Barbie

Barbie is a symbol of femininity, beauty and good taste, if you want to see yourself as her at all times you must think like Barbie. It is also vital to behave as such, in this sense, Barbie is elegant and delicate. Pay attention to these tips.

  • You must have dresses in your closet that always enhance the figure, something that can help you with that is to wear girdles or corset under your clothes to help you have that small waist that characterizes this doll. The A-line dress also flatters this figure a lot.
  • Remember to dress like Barbie even at home. This means that you must take care of your appearance at all times.
  • In addition, this doll has always worn outfits with lace, you can include a bit of romance to your looks, put bows or some glitter and thus you will create the appearance of Barbie.

If you go to a night party, this is your chance, glamorous, long dresses with a lot of fall are the ideal. Barbie would always wear dresses that stand out from the crowd, and her typical very small over-the-shoulder or shoulder bag.