Knowing how to wear a headscarf with great style is an almost obligatory subject for everyone. There are countless formulas to choose from, here we show you some “tricks”.

How to wear a headscarf in style? Maybe we should ask our grandmothers, because already in the 60s/70s, covering their hair with a beautiful silk, organza, cotton scarf. It was very common and gave a very glamorous look to the women of the time.

Grace Kelly, Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot… all of them are classic icons that serve as examples when it comes to putting on a headscarf with style. More informal looks, but also outfits for dinners, everyday life or… why not? For a relevant event this season.

More recent are the images of Alessandra Ambrosio, Rihanna or the exuberant Jennifer López wearing colorful scarves and turbans in some of their seasonal looks. “Not without my handkerchief” would be one of the mottos of this season.

In addition to improving our image, knowing how to wear a very stylish scarf this season has added benefits:

  • If your hair is not flawless, the roots are beginning to be visible, or the ends are drying out by heat, the scarf will cover these imperfections until you can visit your stylist or hairdresser.
  • If you dare to wear a scarf while sunbathing at the pool or beach, you will avoid the rapid deterioration of the color of your hair by protecting it from direct sunlight.
  • If you do not want to spend the summer with the iron in hand and thus give your hair a break, opt for an ornament in the form of a turban or bow in your hair. The health of your hair will thank you.

In recent fashion shows, among other trends, especially the headscarf stood out. Many brands offer women colorful scarves or kerchiefs to wear on their heads. Next, we present the ways of how to wear the headscarf and what it looks like as an accessory.

Fashionable scarf in the African style

One of the latest trends this spring – wear satin scarves and scarves on your head in the African style. Stylists are advised to collect hair in a high bun, and then wear a headscarf, tying it with hidden clips at the front and back.

An example of how to wear a fashionable scarf this spring.

A thick band

In the style of the 60s, universal version, which works with almost every girl – a kerchief or a scarf woven around her head as a thick band and knotted at the back. It is recommended to have the hair in the style of the 60s, gathering the hair high on the back of the head and without leaving any loose hairs.

The knot ahead

Hairstyles, covered complemented by a scarf, look very flirty. Especially if the front is held up by a small knot or a lush romantic bow.

Traditional version

This season, the traditional loose handkerchief does not go out of style. These accessories are in the style of the 70s, and tied at the front of the neck.

Prints and fabrics

As for fashionable fabrics, first of all we have shiny and light satin. The design is dominated by tropical prints, delicate fruits and flowers. The color scale ranges from bright colors (priority yellow, green, blue, turquoise, pink and orange) to calm pastel colors.

Hollywood divas of the 40s already used the scarf as a turban as a sophisticated and chic accessory. In the 1960s, women wore their headscarves as a “babushka” to protect their elaborate carding from bad weather.

The 70s would serve to realize that the scarf was not only used for the head, but also for the neck and with patterns to match those of our garments.

Bandanas from the 80s would give us security and confidence and in the 90s, the headscarf would become a symbol of the decade. The scarf has been part of fashion history since we conceived the idea of ​​dressing as a form of expression. It’s versatile, small footprint, and fun.

The way you wear it counts a lot about who you are, and the good thing is that this season there are so many mathematical formulas to ensure your success that you just have to take a look at what we bring you.

Headband, turban, scrunchie or “babushka”. There is no self-respecting hair that this spring does not wear a scarf properly.

And if this is not enough, we give you some ideas so that you can get even more out of your scarf:

You do not know what to wear because very simple you can do as Beyoncé and Mariah Carey did in the 90s and use it as a top or give it a spin and turn it into a bandeau.

How to wear a headscarf

What can we do to be great on the beach without destroying hair like the witch? The option of hats is great for these cases, but if we go on a trip, we must recognize that the hats take up a lot and can also come down,.

A great alternative is the handkerchiefs, which in addition to occupying little, are multipurpose; They are used for the head, for the neck, as a belt,. Today we will summarize our favorite ways of putting on a headscarf.

Pirate scarf. It is very easy to put on and usually looks good on everyone. There are variants: with a small knot behind, putting the ends inside so it cannot be seen, with a loop with the excess behind or on one side; We can also take advantage of the excess of the scarf (when it is very long) to make a braid joining our hair.

Turban. There are several ways to wear a turban. An image is the easiest way to see it. It seems complicated a priori but, if you put it, it is easier than it seems.

Turban in the Arab style. We like this way of using the scarf a lot. It is like putting on a pirate scarf but you have to wrap the excess around the head and put the ends at the end (hidden).

Another way to put on a scarf to cover crazy hairs or vary our look is the crossed bandana in front. Very simple too. You just have to cross it in front and tie it at the nape. If the scarf is long, we can leave them loose by letting them fall on one side.

Pin up style (40s) with knuckle up. In this case, the scarf has to be small so that it is just with the two ends facing up and be a little stiff so that the ends do not fall. So much fun and super easy to put on.

The common ways can also get us out of trouble and solve the hair after a day at the beach or pool. We can start at the forehead and tie it at the back, above the hair or under the hair. Both options feel great. All scarves and all sizes are suitable, even XXL.

We can reinvent the way we wear scarves and even wear two. One crossed in front and one rolled up. Mix of colors and patterns ideal for beach days.