Fringed bags: The accessory that you should not miss this spring

There is no doubt that it is not enough to put together your ideal outfit with only clothing , accessories are essential to have an extraordinary result. That’s why in this post I’ll show you the accessory that drives me crazy these days, the fringed wallet. I love it!

Small purses with fringes Practical and cute

Sometimes there are commitments that we have to attend in which it is not necessary to attend with a huge portfolio, just some money and your documents. For this type of occasion, a small wallet is ideal, among the varied range of wallets on the market, I recommend you choose the fringed wallets, it is the accessory that is in fashion this season.

Letter-type wallets are preferred for meetings, although they are complicated to carry, which is very fashionable.

The material indicated for this type of wallet is obviously leather, leather makes the accessory look more elegant, and a good leather product lasts much longer, I know you’re thinking, a leather wallet is expensive, but I recommend it because sometimes paying more is more affordable because you get a quality product.

Large fringed wallets Carry the trend in your bag!

The wallets are my weakness, it is not a matter of having one of each color, you can have 10 brown wallets but all with a different style. If like me you are a fan of wallets, I recommend the fringed wallet, it will definitely give you the look you have been looking for. What are you waiting for?

If you thought that this type of wallet was necessary only for informal occasions, you are wrong, as you can see it looks very good with a chic look, it is all a matter of choosing the right one. Choose one that has a neutral color and don’t forget a good material.

As you can see, fringed wallets are ideal for any type of occasion, it all depends on the model you choose. If you are one of those who love to wear large purses, then you can also find fringed purses of this size.

The ethnic style is in fashion, if this style goes with you then what you need, without a doubt is a fringed wallet, it may be what you needed to successfully complete your outfit.

Fringed bags, the star accessory of the season

That everything in fashion comes back and reinvents itself is something we already know, and in this case, it has happened with this timeless and chic accessory.

It’s time to assume that fringes have returned in style, with bags being the piece that will sweep in style. Whether they are the boho aesthetics of the 70s, as proposed by Fendi, the flappers inspiration so characteristic of the 20s, as dictated by Elie Saab, in XL version, as we saw in the Bottega Veneta fashion show, or those that They immediately teleport us to the Wild West, like those of Dior, the important thing is that this detail is present in each and every one of the outfits to provide a dose of dynamism and movement.

But of course, a trend would not be successful if it only succeeded on the catwalk, so the verdict of the experts is also essential. Luckily, in this case, we have not had to wait too long and there are already many who have made this accessory their hit of the season. Take note and bet on the one that most identifies with your style!

In XL version

XL bags are always a sure winner, elegant as well as practical, they are the perfect complement to carry everything you need with you.
The final touch? You only need to take a look at the image to be the key piece of the bet: the XL fringed bag. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, it fits everything you need and, on top of that, it’s full of trend, you can’t ask for more!

Happy 20’s

The inspiration of the 1920s is still very present today and the bags of this decade were characterized by being fringed, mini size, begging type and vibrant colors. And it is that they have the ability to transform a classic look into a very groundbreaking look just for the simple fact of taking all the prominence. Do you want to experiment with the color palette? Follow the example of the expert and bet everything on citrus tones, which enhance the tan. Do you want all eyes to be on the bag?


Give a bohemian touch of the 60s and 70s style to your looks for next fall and bet on this type of bag that never goes out of style. In this way, you will extend the life of summer garments, since this type of braided bags with fringed finishes have a strong hippie inspiration that transmits freshness in all its aspects. If you want to join the boho chic fever that has conquered the styles of the experts, you can combine this accessory with dresses of the same style. As a finishing touch, include wedge espadrilles or shovel sandals, depending on the dress code you intend to follow.

Inspiration: Wild West

Everything indicates that this season the Safari and Wild West trends will move to the city. Both the animal print and the cowboy aesthetic will make up the wildest outfits of the season. But, if you want to get the perfect outfit, these garments will give the ideal touch to your look. A midi skirt, a cropped shirt, cowboy boots and, the final detail, a fringed bag. The result? The solution to any stylistic drama: a perfect style for the last days of summer and for the first days of autumn. And if you want to elevate the denim aesthetic to the maximum, include the traditional fringed jacket.


We live in an age where it seems like anything goes in fashion. It is only necessary to remember that this summer the fusion of citrus tones in the same style has been the order of the day, crowning itself as one of the most sought-after trends by experts. Now, with the arrival of autumn closer and closer, the explosion of color, far from abandoning us, will continue to be present in street style.