For these next seasons of 2021, several very noticeable trends have reappeared in what refers to skirts, for example, those of long length (that reach the feet) or pleated skirts (that have ironed pleats), among many others trends. Next, we will show you all the 2021 Trends of fashion skirts.

There are two garments that are definitely the most feminine options for which a woman can choose, we speak of course about dresses and skirts. But if we have to choose between them, one that in addition to looking incredible and allows us to benefit from a huge diversity of looks, is undoubtedly the skirt. Since the simple fact of combining them with different blouses and accessories can completely change our outfits.


They have been seen on the catwalks and worn by celebrities as well. They are used pleated, that is, with many well-defined, ironed pleats. These types of skirts are very beautiful and tend to fit all women, as they are very feminine and elegant.

For a garment to be successful, details are very important. The texture, the cut, the movement of the garment, etc. On the catwalks, the designers were showing us skirts with movements achieved through pleats.

This beautiful pleat has been seen on both medium and long skirts. With them you can create chic casual looks or formal outfits like for the office. You just have to take into account the fabric, length and accessories. If similar shades are combined, it will draw attention to the fabric and structure of the garments.

The pleats balance the figure and the proportion of the body. Those with wide shoulders can balance their silhouette using this type of skirt.

Leather skirts

Skirts made of leather are another of the proposals that we cannot fail to include in our wardrobe this 2021.

Leather-based trends were not lacking, but leather suits, in particular, brought a more professional touch to this material generally reserved for outerwear and daring evening wear.

We don’t think of leather as a material for summer, but we have to admit that for some climates, it could be a good spring wardrobe option.

Ruffles, Tulle and Petticoats

Layers were also an important feature of how petticoat, ruffle, and tulle skirts were designed, often worn under puffy and unisex coats.


The swaying fringes that captivated us last year, adapted to suit the cold a little better for the fall winter 2021 fashion trends. Some skirts fully fringed from top to bottom, others fringed at the bottom.

Side cuts

Long skirts and dresses with high side slits have been a seductive element for decades, and have returned to the spring summer 2021 fashion trends. You will find many options that will allow you to show off your legs once these collections are available in the market.

Bubble skirts

If you are looking for a new trend to wear this 2021, look no further. The fashion trends of the spring summer collections recover the bubble hem, used for both dresses and skirts.

Long jean skirts

Of course, all collections have some Jen garment, and this year’s hit is the longest denim skirt. This is the only jean item that can be easily worn from day to night, from the street to the office, depending on its design.

Midi skirts tend to shorten our legs, so we will look lower. To avoid this, we have to take into account the following tricks: they must be combined with a short top, which does not go past the waist, and heels. This will prevent us from looking shorter.

Pencil skirts

The reign of the non-slip satin skirt has meant the old tube style has been forgotten a bit in recent years. But thanks to the momentum of the catwalks, the simple and elegant cut of this type of skirt returns in a big way.

Skirts are a fundamental piece of fashion, where many designers included them in their collections as a centerpiece, becoming a garment present in all the most popular fashion stores. And this is so not only because of the style and glamor capacity that they can attribute to us, but because they are a practical and versatile garment, comfortable and fresh. In addition, they can hide defects in our body such as too thick legs.

The skirts are easy to combine, wearing them with jerseys or shirts, as well as comfortable sandals, ballerinas or platforms. You will find designs of all kinds, perfect for the night or for the day, in a wide range of colors and designs, as well as floral, animal print or geometric prints. You can choose pleated skirts, skirts with pockets, very long skirts to the floor or a little shorter than the knees.