Many associate scarves with winter, as if it were an accessory that is only reduced to the coldest seasons of the year. But sheltering is not its only function. The scarf is also a great color complement to the outfit, lifting basic outfits and applying a strong dose of color and light to your face.

Wearing the warm and covered throat area can become a style detail, as long as you can do it with class and correctly.

Even if you are in winter or summer, wearing a scarf with style and fashion is sometimes a challenge, the important thing is how to wear it, it all depends on the length and fold that you can make to create different shapes and that they go very good with the outfit to wear and so you can look much better with that this.

With that in mind, we found that this key accessory has several uses. Not only as a sarong on the beach or pinned to the hair, but in various other strategic places where it adds up a lot. Here we show you these ways to use your favorite scarf:


This use is good, good beachy rather than urban. Tied in the center, with a short or loose pants at the bottom and some weight accessory; It ends up becoming a garment that will undoubtedly attract the attention of many. It is recommended for women with small busts.


It forces you to look at your feet and therefore draws a lot of attention to the shoes and the instep. He is, above all things, rebellious and gives a little “French” touch.


This use is a classic that does not go out of style. By tying the hair with a ponytail or bun, the scarf gives it a divine finish, even more so if it has a predominant color. Well, well feminine.


Rather than replace the function of the belt, those who tie the scarves around the waist seek to cut both garments with a touch of color and texture. It can be tied at the front, to the side or closed so that there is no tie left.


Decorative and overloaded with glamor, wearing the accessory in your bag adds dynamism to the look and a touch of originality. Take the handkerchief – which has to be large – join two opposite corners and do the same with the others and voila! You will have a new bag in a few seconds.


It is a trend imposed by the fashionista ManRepeller and traveled the planet very quickly due to the creativity of her proposal. The scarves seem part of the white shirt, but they are additional accessories that give a touch of color and volume to the stylistic proposal.


Retro classic and very present today, this use gives a shot of light and color to the face, perfect to complement the summer sun.

You can also use the scarf as a nice headband. The procedure is similar to the previous one, except that the knot is made in the front part and the ends are stretched to give them the appearance similar to that of a beautiful bun. This style can be adopted both for tied hair – as seen in the image – as well as for loose hair, as it will give you a nice romantic and fresh look.


Here you need more technique and an XXL scarf. But if you can find the shape and attach a belt to fit the waist, it can be a super original garment.


This model is ideal to accompany a garment that does not have patterns to cut with the uniform color and give a little more color to your style. You just have to fold the scarf in half to give it the shape of a triangle and tie it in the area of ​​your neck, finally arrange it as you see in the image and you will be ready to go.


This way of wearing a neck scarf, in addition to offering you a good ornament, will give you the possibility of protecting your throat during the winter. You just have to fold it and wrap it around your neck to finally tie it in the front. The other way is you should not tie it when you finish placing it around your neck, but it is better to leave it loose.

You should place your scarf over your shoulders, with one end slightly longer than the other, link the longest side of the scarf over the neck but not in its entirety so that it hangs on your back. There you have a simple and stylish way.


Here you can use a scarf as a poncho and protect your back on days when the cold is not enough to go out with a very thick coat. You just have to fold it as a triangle and tie it in the front. Lastly, stretch it so that it covers most of your back.


If you usually do your hair with a bun and want to innovate a bit, an excellent idea is to add a scarf to your style. You simply have to comb your hair as you always do and take your pashmina or scarf, fold it on itself as many times as you need it and finally tie it around your head.


Place the scarf on the neck and leave one end much longer than the other, then turn the longest side around your neck giving 3 to 4 turns around it, there tie a knot with both ends and finish making a final knot, hide it inside the scarf so it won’t show. There they have a good way to wear a man’s scarf.


Fold the scarf in half, then pass it around your neck taking each side, the end that has the two ends pass them through the space that forms at the end of the other side, finally press it so that it extends and that’s it. There you have another way to wear the ideal scarf for you.