There are different studies in which it has been shown that the personal image we project can make the difference between a kind and cordial treatment and an indifferent and even discriminatory one.

There is also a famous phrase that says “How they see you, they treat you”; Many times, we have only seen “the outside” of the person, or rather, we have only observed how they are dressed, and we will surely end up judging them for better or for worse.

It is a fact that each person has their own style and we are all free to dress the way we like the most, but following a dress code is sometimes better, because in this way we can feel more comfortable and we can avoid being the center of attention in a negative way.

Without being experts, we have knowledge of some etiquette codes, for example, we know that to a wedding we should not wear a white dress, that we should not go to work with pronounced necklines or miniskirts, etc., but how about the beach?

Perhaps you will think that on the beach you do not need any etiquette and that we can dress as we want, however, if we go to a hotel -which is the safest- it is necessary to follow a dress code.

Now we will tell you how we should dress to avoid bad times and rude treatment, but above all, so that you can see yourself very well, since despite being on the beach your image is still important.

Casual way:

Many of us have the bad habit of going to the restaurant in a bathing suit due to the laziness of going to change, however, in many hotels this is forbidden, while in others it is frowned upon.

You may think that it is a burden on the part of the hotels, however, when you are in the city you do not go in your underwear to eat, do you? Being on the beach is not synonymous with forgetting your manners and style.

Remember that there are clothes for each place, if you only go to the beach, then show off your bikini in all your splendor, but if you go to breakfast or lunch it is better to wear other types of clothes, also keep in mind that the use of wet clothes is bad for our vaginal and skin health.

What to wear

Ideally, wear a dress, jeans and a cool blouse, capri pants or long shorts. Wear sandals or tennis shoes; avoid flip-flops, as these, in addition to being informal, ruin your outfit.

Smart Casual:

As we all know the beach is a place of relaxation so we can wear clothes that are looser and less would be, but as long as it is just as presentable as the one, we wear in the city.

What to wear

Wearing something casual with a more elegant touch is the best option to go to dinner at a restaurant in the hotel where we are staying.

Some good options would be: a cocktail-style dress, long skirts with flowing fabrics, dress pants made of soft fabric and lace blouses, with transparencies or the off-shoulder trend that are super ideal for that climate.

Use high-heeled sandals or sandals with a few inches to gain a little more height and stylize your figure.


Follow the code label in restaurants of formal style worth, the menu is delicious and unique addition to the excellent care. Do not hesitate to dress well to go to one of these, surely you will have a great time.

What do you use?

What you can wear is that jumpsuit, palazzo or jumpsuit that makes your figure shine so much, that knee-length dress or that pencil skirt that highlights your style and elegance. Feel free to wear fine accessories, high top sneakers, and of course, a cute hairstyle. The night will be magical…

Do not forget that the power of the image is a real opportunity to attract attention in a positive way and distinguish yourself; remember that the first impression counts much more than we imagine…