In each season the fashion of colors and clothes is very different from the previous year, because no matter how minimal the change, we assure you that there is. In this article, we show you in detail the trend colors for this Fall/Winter season. This year we will bet on camel, beige or cinnamon red and we will put aside the neon colors that were a trend this summer.

We will strip our color palette of any excess, in line with the ‘less is more’ mentality. An idea that takes us to the seasonal classics that we always find attractive, versatile and timeless.

Off white

This is a cool off-white shade that isn’t too pure. Lately it has become more fashionable than normal white, due to the need we feel to recycle raw materials. Which indicates that fashion is gradually moving towards ecological garments.

Almond beige

Soft and subtle are the perfect words to describe this whitish color that over the years has taken on more intensity towards a slight touch of brown. It is a creamy, warm and luminous tone that can add a touch of light color to our looks.

Pale camel

It’s a nice, smooth shade that will look good alongside any other shade as it’s a great neutral color. It is always present in different types of clothing: shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, bags… and in all collections , whether summer, winter, autumn or spring.

Camel looks great paired with neutral tones like dark gray, black or navy, maroon or coffee. Give light to the whole with white, sand and gold.

Tan beige

This tan has a hint of wood and is why designers describe it as ” evocative of a rustic nature.” It’s a taupe with warmer undertones, but it’s still neutral enough to blend seamlessly with a wide range of colors.

Apricot orange

It is a timeless earth tone. It presents the necessary color to give life to our outfits , but at the same time with the warmth that favors us. This type of orange reminds us of sandstone.

Despite being soft and subdued, this color is also very uplifting and comforting, making it perfect for seasonal wear.

Cinnamon red

Rich and warm. As you can see in the photo it is a deep red shade with some shades of brown. It’s a perfect color for fall, and we envision it as an especially attractive shade for leather. In addition, we reveal a secret that few know, and that is, it combines great with camel and gray.

Olive military green

The military green tone has become a classic of all winter seasons due to its ease of combining. But it was not until this year when we have given more intensity to that green, achieving an olive tone that gives light to our outfits.

Who can resist these flattering colors that are perfect for fall / winter?