With the arrival of summer and with it, the heat, we all have to make changes in our wardrobe, we lower the boxes with summer clothes that we have in the mezzanines and in them we keep all the sweaters, sweatshirts, coats and other winter clothes. To help you know what clothes you have to take out of the boxes, and what others can stay, we bring you some clues with the clothes that we are going to see the most this summer, and that in turn you will want to wear more for your comfort.

As for swimsuits and bikinis, an essential garment for the beach, this season swimsuits will predominate, specifically halter neck swimsuits. We can also see crochet style bikinis, continuing the trend of last season.

A perfect garment for warmth are flowing dresses, since they give us freedom and at the same time they do not give heat, it does not matter if it is long or short . A perfect dress for a beach area is crocheted, since with it you can show your bikini or swimsuit underneath.

Tops and bodysuits are the shirts that you will see this summer , also shirts with a boat neck, showing off the shoulders. The prints of these shirts will be basic or striped.

The best pants for summer are shorts, we will also apply the 90s trend of patches to our denim shorts for this summer. As for more fluid shorts, we can see how they also catch the crochet trend, and we will have thousands of shorts with different patterns.

As accessories for the summer, specifically for the beach, we have a carrycot with different beach styles, perfect to put the towel and cream when going to the beach. We will continue to see straw hats in different models .

As fundamental footwear for the beach we’ll always have our flip flops, although for a walk you can play between different options, sandals with a track platform, strappy sandals or shoes with a esparto sole.

To finish we leave you with some looks hunted on the seafront or, some looks that demonstrate the trends and garments that will be seen throughout the summer.