Discover everything that will be this year between the different hairstyles. Let’s look at all the coppery, chocolatey, and Venetian blondes. There are many colors and reflections, so how do we choose the one that best suits us? We give you easy tricks so that getting the dye right is not a matter of luck.


9 hair colors that will be a trend in 2021. Read this post, because we are going to show you what are those 9 trends in terms of color for your hair, and some more tips that you will appreciate knowing to show off your best look. Let’s see those 9 colors what surprises they have in store for us.


If you were hoping to read that this year’s hair dye was blue, blonde, chestnut, chocolate or gray, you were wrong. The same if what you expected was for us to talk to you about purple tones or green hair. In 2020, the names of the colors are more sophisticated, so you will have to learn their names. Of course, they are super elegant colors.

The smoky gold is a very warm color. And it is that warm tones predominate in the hair. Specifically, we are talking about a color full of golden nuances and smoked at the same time. This makes it perfect for both blonde and brunette girls. So, it is a color that favors all women.


We continue with the smoky trend, but this time it is a chocolate color and designed more for brunettes, allowing an intense black, known as black with glacé or chocolate. Let’s say it is a color that brings some bronze tones to the hair that make it look bright, giving the appearance of a silky and enviable mane. And it is that brunettes are also thought a lot when it comes to playing with the aesthetics and beauty of hair.


Yellow hair is no longer worn. But calm down if you love blonde hair! Because this will continue to be in fashion, what happens is that they bet more on soft tones, such as vanilla blonde, or beige tones. Blondes will not attract attention precisely because they have visually stunning hair, but this does not mean that the beauty of a beige blonde hair arouses their admiration. Sure, it does.


If you would like to wear your red hair but do not quite dare, this copper color is your answer. It is much softer hair than red hair, but it also adds sweetness to the face, so we win. Make the leap from brown, to almost reddish, but without reaching it. And the truth is that very beautiful.


If blondes are light, blacks’ triumph, and with this intense jet black it does so much more. In fact, brunettes are in fashion in 2020, so to show off your hair and nothing to change your color, if anything, enhance your beauty with these trend colors.


Years ago, that chocolate it is one of the favorite colors of hair when we choose a dye and if a dye for brunettes’ women. And with balayage highlights so fashionable, chocolate brown became even more popular. Well, in 2020 this brightened brunette, as it is defined, will continue to be present among all those women who want to wear their hair lighter but without changing the brunette or going blonde.


This oddly named color refers to dull gray hair that has nice icy metallic undertones. It is designed for brunette women who want to be blonde, but who are aware that blonde hair cannot sit well with everyone, and who settle for an exquisite color change but halfway between brunette and blonde. More charming than the golden highlights, and more original, according to the blonde women who also decide to try the Mushroom Blonde.


If you are looking for a more groundbreaking color than all these, lilac chocolate is wonderful. A fantasy color, between chocolate and lilac, as the name suggests. It is a color that illuminates brown hair very well.


A berry-toned mane? And why not. And the truth is that the result is fantastic for all girls, although it especially favors brown-haired women. What are you waiting to try it?