The famous 80s are recognized for their innovation. In those years’ things were created that before that time were unimaginable and are still not forgotten today. Hairstyles made a significant difference during that time. Therefore, it is possible to identify characteristics of the 80s hairstyles that can now be used with some modifications.

Meet the best 80s hairstyles that are in fashion

The era of the 80s was revealing in the area of ​​hairstyles. The famous people of those years experienced hair styles that were recorded in history. Nowadays, some haircuts from the 80s are starting to be used with some modern touches. So, remember the popular styles of those memorable times.

Use of tissues

The 80s hairstyles came to include the use of scarves. These hairstyles consisted of gathering all the hair with a knotted scarf. There was the possibility of leaving a fringe outside the collected or joining it with the rest of the hair. In order to keep the updo, a simple garter was used that was covered with the handkerchief.

Disheveled curls

The curly appearance of the hair was a very common hairstyle during the eighties. The hairstyle gave the appearance of being disheveled but the truth is that it required work to achieve it. The hairstyle with disheveled curls is characterized by having a lot of volume and showing a fluffy image.

Short hair

Short hair was a fad acquired by many women in the 80’s. These women decided to use their hair directed to the side to give it more volume. The finish of the hairstyle showed elegance and flattered the facial features of the person who wore it. Also, it should be noted that the use of fixative and hairspray was really necessary for this hairstyle.

Julia otero

The hairstyle that the artist julia otero wore was considered a great revolution at the time. That hairstyle became known by the name of the artist and many people tried to imitate it. The hairstyle consisted of wearing straight hair at the bottom. However, the bangs or the upper part of the hair had to have tips pointing to different sides.


One of the 80s hairstyles was to have hair combed completely upwards. For this style to be successful, it was necessary to have short hair. In addition, the use of chemicals such as fixative or hairspray was essential. The main essence of that kind of style gave a very rocky look.

Use of flowers

A style that involved the use of a flower in the 80s was known as “pin up.” that hairstyle consisted of wearing the hair down and forming thick and voluminous waves with it. In addition, it was necessary to use the bangs back to later incorporate the flower. The hairstyle made women look fresh and flirty.

Meg Ryan

Artist meg Ryan’s short hair hairstyle was imitated by many, many people during the 80s. Therefore, this woman’s style can be placed on the list of iconic 80s hairstyles.


Men got into the habit in the 1980s of wearing a hairstyle that mixed the straight with the crazy ends. The hairstyle consisted of having straight hair distributed in long ends located upwards. Those tips had to stay separate from each other.

Long hair

The fashion for long hair was imposed by various male artists of the 80s. Some of the men of that time began to accept the idea of ​​wearing a hairstyle with long hair. For this reason, it is common to view photographs of men with 80s hairstyles with long straight hair.

Voluminous waves

A simple and beautiful look of 80s hairstyles that is back in fashion are waves. These waves should have a lot of volume but give the impression of being natural.

Reasons to get your 80s hairstyle done?

Each person has the right to do with their hair what they please. Therefore, using an eighties hairstyle with some modernization is not a bad idea. In fact, there are several reasons to wear a hairstyle from this era.

  1. The haircut ideas of the time are risky.
  2. Eighties hairstyles show a lot of personality and self-confidence.
  3. The fashion of the 80s can be successfully incorporated into current trends.