For the colder seasons, sweaters represent one of those unmissable garments with which we can keep warm but at the same time look stylish and elegant.

For the fall and winter seasons, fashionistas are constantly using the garments to their advantage to create the desired style. In this sense, street fashion dictates trends to look elegant and at the same time be warm. One of the garments to achieve this are street style sweaters.

Well, in this article we show you some ideas that are currently in fashion regarding this useful (and versatile, although we do not believe it) garment. From them you can be inspired to look great in the cold periods of the year.

Street style sweater models

Jersey oversize

When it comes to street style jumpers , oversize fashion is one of the best trends and makes this garment a total success . Thanks to her, going warm and stylish is possible.

In addition, it allows us many possibilities to combine it and create outfits of different styles. This trend has really taken a hit in terms of popularity and acceptance.

College style jumper

The college style  is also aiming high. If you are a student, it will be great to buy a sweater with this urban and university touch , but casual at the same time; if we know how to combine it properly

Appliqued sweater

Street style sweaters with appliques are one of the garments that have also been seen a lot on the streets . It is convenient to have some in the closet . The variety of possible wall lights is as limitless as the imagination.

High neck sweater

The turtleneck sweater undoubtedly helps us to fulfill both on the side of elegance and on the side of the coat. For cold seasons, this type of sweater represents one of those inevitable garments . We can achieve a special and suitable outfit for any occasion, with the right accessories.

Sailor striped sweater

The elegance of a white and blue striped sweater has set the tone in fashion history . On the other hand, this classic sailor-style garment is renewed by the hand of strident colors such as pink and lime yellow.


They are a classic. And with the right combinations we can achieve an elegant or casual outfit. Such as the image shown, in which we see that the white sweater is combined with other light garments and accessories.

Kepson Jersey

We refer to a model that is conquering the street style . It is electric blue, white and red. The word Paradise  reads in the middle . It adapts to everything; to any type of garment and accessories with which we want to combine it.

Ribbed jumper

Within the framework of street style sweaters, ribbed ones also represent a classic that, although basic, does not go out of style. They can be tight or wide , but the truth is that you can achieve a spectacular look with any of these garments.

In short, a sweater is all you need . For chilly fall mornings and nights, or for the arrival of colder temperatures, a sweater can make you look elegant and comfortable. These are some ideas to help you make decisions before you go shopping and stock your closet.