The image of the girl coming out of the water with her hair blowing in the wind, perfect and most sexy, is very far from reality, but that does not mean that to go to the beach you do not have to worry about the style and even the hairstyle . Wearing your hair down is not highly recommended because, in addition to giving heat, it can leave a mark.

When we talk about being the most fashionable on the beach, we not only have in mind the hat and the XXL plastic glasses. You can be the most fashionable with a cap or a scarf. It is not necessary to go diva…

The first and main rule is to combine the bikini top with the bottom one , it seems like an obvious thing but there are people who do not do it and do not care that the colors match each other. The question is: if you would never wear an orange t-shirt with pink pants, why would you wear swimwear? You also have to follow this rule for  bikini s because they have the same utility, but for different situations.

This does not mean that it is necessary to wear paired bikinis, on the contrary, you will always have more options if you combine them, but it should be combined in a logical way.

If your style is more sporty, a ponytail and a cap are a good option. So that your look is completely according to your style, try to give the beach clothes a sporty touch, whether it is a dress or two pieces.

Sunglasses are essential for the beach, not only because they protect the eyes from the sun, that would be reason enough, but because they serve as a compliment to give a distinctive touch to your image. Take advantage and use the most striking you have.

Do not wear other shoes than flip flops or similar. The key is that to go to the beach you have to wear beach clothes. Or is it that you are going to have dinner with your boy in flip-flops? Each shoe has its use. Also, just for the comfort that they suppose when you go home, we would not think of other footwear.

The hair, better collected.  If you are one of those who wears a hat and a hat, braids are the key; It does not matter whether it is one, whether there are two, root or two ends. The point is that it is not an easy hairstyle to undo with water, in addition to being very comfortable because it does not put hair on the face if you do it from the hairline.

If you are one of those who do not wear hats or caps, a high bow is the key. It is better to pick it up with rubber bands, because the forks would end up being damaged or lost.

The accessories are also for the beach… Coconut rings, colored bracelets, long necklaces with feathers and wood. They add a touch to the very interesting boho chic look. Try not to wear anything that is of both monetary and sentimental value. They could get lost, the beach is one of the easiest places to do it.

The beach bag in so many colors, with so many patterns … In stores you can find them to everyone’s taste, that’s why it is better that you buy one than dig in your mother’s closet and carry hers from 10 years ago, it seems an insignificant detail but all important and surely there will be no other like it.

You would only have to choose the gold and silver tattoos that you like the most and you would be ready to sweep the beach and capture all eyes.