Elegance goes beyond expensive outfits; it is the overall projection of looking and feeling good. Today I tell you that it is possible to look elegantly with low-budget outfits, so I want to share and tell you my secret to be and dress elegant on all occasions.

For a long time, I focused on having an elegant style, this led me to venture, try and create my own dress rules. The recommendations that I will mention below, are part of my personal vision, and are the techniques or tricks that have worked for me when it comes to dressing elegantly.

1. Transparencies: A bold and elegant style is possible!

The blouses or dresses with transparencies, began as a seasonal fashion, but in recent years they have taken off when combined with almost any outfit. When using transparencies, I usually choose loose or not very tight clothes, which I accompany with a classic lace bra in the same color.

If you decide to create a look with a see-through blouse or dress, avoid wearing a lace bra when the material of the blouse or dress is the same, or if any of the garments are too tight, as the relief of the lace would not be flattering.

2. Avoid this mistake if you try to project Elegance

Crop tops (cropped top), blouses or dresses with transparencies and necklines, are part of our wardrobe, because we can combine them with skirts, jeans, leggings or any model of pants, but the technique to dress elegant is to show part of the abdomen avoiding exposing the navel.

3. Jewelry: The perfect complement to dress Elegant

I love combining jewelry pieces and accessories, but I have noticed that the most elegant thing is not to wear sets, that is, earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings with the same motif, charm or rhinestones, and wear them all at the same time. My advice is to mix them with other pieces, remember that the balanced and little extravagant will always be the bet to look elegant.

4.How to dress elegantly with ‘Jeans’

It is a timeless piece that we wear all the time, whether for day or night, so I will share the way that I consider is the most elegant to wear them.

There are 2 aspects to consider, the first is that jeans must have back pockets, I have seen on different occasions, jeans without pockets in this area, and I can assure you that it is far from looking elegant; The second aspect to keep in mind is that the dark tones of jeans tend to project greater elegance.

The jeans that I usually choose to create sophisticated outfits are: skinny jean as long as it is high-waisted and slim or bootcut jean if it is low-rise, both are flattering and help us look taller (if you’re short like me, it’s a plus point).

5. Always stylish with T-shirt

My advice to make a look with a t-shirt look elegant is to prioritize quality fabric, my favorites being cotton. I do not recommend t-shirts with images or impressions of figures, cartoons, expressions or phrases (unless it is of interest to communicate a message or if it is the name of the brand), and it is that in most cases due to time and use, the details tend to come off or deteriorate, reducing the useful life of the shirt.

6.The Secret of Elegance

The secret of elegance is the projection of well-being and it is that no recommendation of those described above makes sense, if first we do not love ourselves and feel good about ourselves. An elegant woman is one who knows herself, who loves herself, who respects herself, who is sure of who she is and where she is going, with clear life goals, an authentic woman, with personality, cultured, beautiful, who lives to achieve her dreams.