If you feel that your looks with high boots start to look repetitive, take note of these new ways to use these shoes to renew your autumn looks.

Boots of all styles, colors, sizes, ankle boots too, they come and go, but we always see how tall boots remain despite the trends. They are always ready in the closet to go out to parade through the streets of the city when the temperatures begin to drop and warmer clothes are mandatory.

Tall boots have been around for a long time, so it’s time to update the way we wear them and get out of the same old styles. So, following some of the boots trends for this fall we have put together this list of ideas to refresh your outfits with the inevitable high boots.

Pants inside

This is a style that, inspired by the cowboy style, we usually see more with cowboy boots, but that is also very valid with any other type of high-top boots that are loose. Since the idea is that with boots like that, wearing the pants inside them is the way to do it. The difference from other times is to do it with jeans or pants that are not skinny. That the folds of the garment are visible is totally valid, as well as that the pants (a straight one, for example, or tailored) accumulate more in the upper part of the boot.

High black boots

This is one of the great trends for this fall, in a variety of styles: with heels, without them, with a track sole, or in combat boot style. No matter which one you choose, with their height they will be the protagonists of your look, so nothing better than letting them stand out. Combining them with leggings (avoiding certain errors) of the same color as the boot is a good idea, not only to make them stand out, but also to make your legs look longer and more stylized. A short dress is the ideal companion to fulfill this same objective. As well as wearing them with longer dresses, but with a front opening to show them.

Unexpected color scheme

Normally we bet on the same colors in boots: black or a dark brown. Although it is understandable because they are versatile colors, from time to time it is very good to change the outfits a bit. This one in the photo, for example, could have been easily combined with black or white boots, since they are the same tones that we find in the rest of the clothes, but betting on this caramel color gives it a twist to get out of it conventional.

Asymmetric skirts and mix of prints

Although we love pleated midi skirts in combination with knee high boots, asymmetrical skirts of this same length are a different way to wear both pieces and show them much more. Due to the movement, they create when walking, the skirt will reveal the boots in a very striking way and the union of both can be appreciated much better. This style also helps us to see the game of patterns and to be more daring when using them. Everything is in finding that color or shape that we can find in both garments so that this is the conducting line that unites them; in this case, the black color on the skirt and boots. Try to make one pattern in this maneuver more predominant than the other so that there is some balance.

Change to Bermuda shorts

These last few seasons, Bermuda shorts have been very much in vogue and because they are short it does not mean that we should put them aside during this season. That’s what high boots are for, you can use them while they protect the rest of your legs from the weather. Combine these shoes with baggy shorts to create a balance between the two pieces. And, as always, look to stand out with unusual colors.

Oversized shirts

Yes, we already know that we can combine dresses and all kinds of skirts with high boots, but if you have an oversize shirt and a pair of high boots that cover a large part of your thighs, go for them! Put together this outfit for a night out or very special, where the dress code is to be daring and you will be dressed for it.