The decade of the 80s was one of the times of greatest overflow of style, very showy trends, textures and very exaggerated hairstyles. The 80s Hairstyles for Women were in line with the fashions imposed by the most famous musical groups, television artists, magazines and others.

Most of them are characterized by an abundant volume, use of the dryer, a messy touch and something that many women miss and is not having to use their hair completely straight. On the contrary, in the 80s the loops and messy hair with very marked waves was one of the trends in hairstyles for women most sought after.

Top 6 80s Hairstyles for Women

1.  80s hairstyles for women with short hair

Women with short hair also have the opportunity to wear the styles of this era, one of them is the hairstyle to the side with volume. This hairstyle has a very classy and flattering finish and can be tailored for both day and night. It does not require visible accessories, however, those who wish can add small pearls between the loops for a more sophisticated and very original look. For this you need:

  • Pliers or curling irons.
  • Hooks/forks.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • A brush.
  • Lacquer or spray fixative.

To perform this style of hairstyles it is not necessary to have very long hair. It begins by detangling the hair very well and waving small strands in a messy way. Subsequently, a part is made on the side that you normally use and with a brush it is curled and increases the volume of the side that was left with more hair. The other side will be combed back and fixed with many small hooks discreetly, in the direction of the rest of the hair.

Apply the necessary amount of hairspray or fixative so that the texture of your hair can hold the style for longer.

2.   80s hairstyles with bandana

The ones collected with a knotted scarf were one of the most admired looks among the hairstyles of the 80s, artists like Madonna and other singers of musical groups made this hairstyle their hallmark. With this hairstyle a somewhat rough and rocker look is achieved, but with a lot of style.

Making a scarf bun does not require many complicated procedures. Just follow a few simple steps:

  • Detangle all hair and add volume at the roots with a brush for a better finish.
  • Pick it up back the way you like. As a tip: the bun looks much better if the bangs are pushed back with a hook. Adjust the updo with a simple garter, the bow should be slightly loose.
  • Place the scarf you wish to use around the head, just halfway between the hairline and the height of the bun. Knot it in the center and your simple, but very feminine and original handkerchief will be ready.

3.   Loose hairstyle, with curls with a lot of volume.

The hairstyles trends of the 80s pointed to very striking styles, for girls who liked to attract attention with extravagant manes. The straight hair without any effect did not attract so much attention.

However, for girls who are less outgoing or just with very fine hair to support these hairstyles, straight hair should be given some volume or tousled curls and thus be able to adopt a more fun eighties look. It could just as well be less daring, but just as pretty.

This look was very common in many actresses and models, it is a little less aggressive with the hair and maintains the essence of the fashion of that time without overdoing it. To achieve this look, girls with straight hair will need:

  • Hair rolls or clamps.
  • Hair dryer.
  • A brush.
  • A comb.
  • Fixative spray.

This look is very easy to achieve. For best results it is recommended to have the hair at least one or two days without washing, since it will be a little more manageable. Follow these steps for this eighty’s hairstyle with volume:

  • Detangle your hair completely and divide it into not-so-small strands.
  • Stretch the strands with the dryer and place them around the rolls or hair tubes (you can find them in hairdressing stores) or, failing that, with electric curling tongs. If you use tongs, you must wait for the curls to cool to handle them and the dryer will not be necessary, but the finish will not be the same.
  • As the hair cools, run a brush through the hair and lightly mess up the loops, combing them back. With the hair dryer add some heat to the roots while stretching them with the brush for a better texture.
  • Shape the shape of your hair with your hands and add a little hairspray or setting spray to make your hairstyle last longer.

4.   Side bows

This 80s hairstyle looks great especially on younger girls, it looks really fun and cool, and can be worn to school or a casual gathering. The updos with volume at the tips are a good option to have the best of the 80s style without appearing too exaggerated. You can evoke this trend with a more casual style, easy to achieve and perfect for day to day

To do so, you will only need to follow the following instructions:

  • Detangle the hair and divide it into two equal sections on each side.
  • With a brush or a small comb add a slight touch of volume at the roots and make two bows that are at the same height.
  • With the hair collected, make small loops with the curling iron. After they cool, mess up with your fingers and a wide brush, until the structured shape created by the curling iron is undone.
  • Add a little mousse to preserve the texture of the hair and if you wish, an ornament to add a touch of color to the hairstyle.

5.   Mid-length 80s style.

The hairstyles medium or semi collected hair is a classic of all time, as they are very feminine, easy to do and make it look more manageable any hair, even the longest and rebels. The semi collected hairstyles look very romantic and look equally good on women of all ages and flatter all types of faces. To make a semi collected hairstyle or bun with half hair from the 80s, a slightly more daring and daring version of this style should be done. As many curls as possible are added and volume is added at the ends. For a clearer idea, just follow these steps:

  • If you have straight hair, use curling irons or curlers in wide sections.
  • Separate two wide sections of hair at the sides and gather them into a gathered back. The upper part should also be separated and set aside to work with later.
  • Once the collection is done, you must release the upper part. If you have bangs, it is only necessary to make small curls with a curling iron that fall around the hairstyle. On the other hand, if you have long hair, you should curl it and give it volume at the roots and with your fingers, create small loops, roll the ends and the excess hair and secure them with hooks.
  • At the ends of the rest of the hair, the curls are retouched with pliers or with the hands and they are separated a little with the brush. To finish, a little setting spray is sprayed around the entire hairstyle to ensure that it lasts much longer.

6.   Loose hair with flower pins up style

The pin up style is characterized by being very sexy, fresh and flirtatious. It is possible to adapt it even for the smallest ones and in the rest of the women it gives a very feminine touch. Although the flowers in the hair were normally associated with more delicate hairstyles and more innocent styles, with this hairstyle the ladies acquire a very vibrant, even daring touch, which can be further highlighted with strong makeup and red or orange lips.

To make this loose hairstyle with a pin up flower, you must follow these steps:

  • Detangle all the hair and separate it into sections of a maximum of five centimeters. Curl each strand with a curling iron, wait for it to cool down and tousle it slightly.
  • Take the section of the bangs or toupee. Stretch with a hair dryer, roll it towards the front or to one side if the hair is very long and secure with a hook.
  • Place the flower of the preferred color and size on one side of the hair. The bigger and brighter the better. Spray a little mousse to preserve curls for longer and voila!

How to add volume to hair to make any 80s hairstyle

Throughout the entire article we have mentioned the importance of creating a lot of volume at the roots of the hair to achieve the desired effect similar to that of the 80s hairstyles for women. This procedure is very easy to do, but for the less expert and those who do not handle many styling techniques at first it may seem strange, although it is not at all.

2 simple steps to give hair volume

This technique consists only of brushing the hair in the opposite direction to give it thickness, texture and, of course, much more volume. To achieve this, you only have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Separate the strands you want and choose one at a time, stretch it up and with a comb or brush, comb in the opposite direction, that is, from the ends to the roots.
  2. Repeat this step as many times as you need to obtain the desired texture and volume level, carefully smooth the front part of the strand that you are going to show so that it has volume, but at the same time it looks neat and without frizz or unruly hairs. Ensure the effect with fixing spray or lacquer, so that it lasts much longer.

With this technique, you can already make any hairstyle from the 80s that you want, however, this is also used when making different styles of hairstyles of many other trends.

Treatments and products for an 80s hairstyle

The 80s hairstyles for women required many previous steps and the use of heat. However, if you want to have a permanent style, certain hairdressing treatments, haircuts and cosmetics will help you always have a very 80s and cool look.

·         Asymmetrical haircuts.

Especially those in the shape of a triangle and with very short bangs, they are the hallmark of many of the artists of the decade. With this type of cuts, it is much easier to make the usual hairstyles of that time.

·         The permanent ones.

80s hairstyles for women are characterized by excess volume and large, strong and messy curls, but with a lot of texture. Some women are fortunate to have such a hair naturally, but for those with very fine or straight hair, a permanent treatment is the best option to achieve better finishes in this hairstyle.

·         Colored spray dyes.

The 80s hairstyles in addition to their exaggeration with curls, bangs and volume, almost always had a touch of bright colors made with semi-permanent dyes and sprays that fall off after a few washes. Younger and more daring girls should consider acquiring a color spray of their preference for a much more youthful and vibrant touch along with your hairstyle and a good makeup in line with this style.

The hairstyles of the 80s for women had various aspects that are worth rescuing, although they may seem exaggerated, it is possible to adapt them to the tastes and needs of any woman of all ages. From the most feminine to the most badass and extravagant, 80s hairstyles are an easy trend to imitate for both day-to-day and special occasions and add to any look a very dynamic and striking touch that will turn heads anywhere.


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