There is surely a pencil skirt hidden in your wardrobe, as it is a super basic garment that every woman should have. It is very versatile and appropriate for use on very formal occasions. However, there are many ways to wear your pencil skirt in a more fun way. Do you want to see it? Here I share five ideas to get the most out of this garment.

With crop top

A pencil skirt does not need to be paired with a formal garment, so break your bubble! A very chic way to wear your pencil skirt is to wear it with a crop top.  You will have a look elegant, feminine and very fresh. opt for crop top of the same color, print or that matches the tone of the skirt. On the other hand, if you want to look neat but not so dull, you can create an outfit in total black and add accessories in bright colors to make the look more fun.

Long sleeved shirt

Now we are talking about a more formal look. However, that does not detract from the charm of printed pencil skirts, as they are a good option for a casual outing with your friends. Here’s another alternative: add a print to your outfit, either on the top or bottom garment, you decide! Both options are very good if your goal is to look super pretty wherever you go.

Printed blouse or shirt

Did you think pencil skirts were just formal wear? Well, no! They are also an excellent option to create a more fun look and with an urban style. Select any printed blouse or shirt, preferably with a phrase in large letters. Now, go for a patterned, leather or just plain pencil skirt. Add a maxi necklace and large accessories to make your look more creative and voila! I would use this way to wear my pencil skirt every day, because the garment is no longer boring.

Off shoulder

Without a doubt, off-shoulder blouses can never be left behind. Apparently, it is the perfect garment because it combines with almost everything! Including a pencil skirt, who would say? Ideal for a casual, elegant or very formal look. It will depend on what type of pencil skirt you combine it with. I am referring to its color, pattern or texture as there is a great variety to choose from.

With blazer

If you’re dealing with a much more serious occasion, like a job interview, meeting, or visiting a client, try this combination. If you don’t want to look so boring or super serious, try wearing a pencil skirt with a floral or striped print. On the other hand, you could do it in another way, for example; replace the printed pencil skirt with a plain one, and choose a blazer with print.