The pants jogger is no stranger to this point in the film. It appeared in the early 2010s and has lived in our closets ever since. The trend athleisure, integrating the elements of sportswear in formal wear, resulted in this type of garment, whose main characteristic is gradually phased in more formal pants I brought, Chinese- classic by a rubber waistband and add an elastic cuff at the bottom to adjust it to the ankle – beyond the sweatpants, which already had them. And now you find yourself with ankles shackled by the athleisure and, ultimately, for the streetwear, which has turned the tracksuit and sneakers into an element of cult and luxury.

Fashion nowadays does not walk with half measures, either you wear the pants covering the feet – or falling with abundant fabric like those of 2021 – or you roll them up slightly (with a turn at the most) to show sock. That of cutting them above the ankle is a thing of the past, fashion is now the rubber to wear sneakers. But, with what tops to combine them so as not to detract from the rest of the look? Here are some clues.

With t-shirt

The simplest combination is to throw a shirt over the pants. If we intend to put more things on top –or get it right–, it better be smooth. Less detail means less risk of tripping. If the intention is to wear this combo of basics with a trend point, choose a boxy-cut T-shirt, those with a square shape, dropped shoulders and sleeves that fall wide almost to the elbow.

With t-shirt + shirt

The look you wore when you were 15 years old is still working in 2021: basic t-shirt + shirt on top. It also combines with joggers, especially if you leave the shirt open as an overshirt and giving the look a workwear look, that is, that classic work uniform aesthetic that now triumphs on the catwalks.

With sweatshirt

This is one of the great trends of last year – and one of the most practical when it comes to dressing. Try to match the color of your pants (be it canvas joggers or tracksuit) with that of the sweatshirt. Kanye West and David Beckham are experts in this combination.

With jersey

Perhaps the most sophisticated option is to mix joggers with a sweater. You can wear it alone, over a shirt or add a shirt underneath to give the look a more formal touch. It all depends on the final result you want to achieve

Shoes or sneakers?

If we analyze jogger pants, we will discover that it is a casual version of dress pants or chinos, therefore our recommendation is to wear it with sneakers (although the final choice depends on each one). What kind of slippers? The low-cut ones will collide with the bottom of the pants, so perhaps the most comfortable are the low-cut ones. Which ones to choose? Keep in mind that, as the hem is tight to the ankle by the rubber, the shoes will have even more prominence. Our trick is to use the most special ones with the most basic looks and the most white and simple ones with the most striking tops.