It is well known that image is very important. More specifically, elegance is something that allows you to open many doors on a personal or work level.

Although sometimes we think that it is something reserved for few people, either because of the economic aspect or because “it is something that you have or not”, in reality this is not the case.

You can be elegant with little money (that is, spending the same as up to now) and it is also a quality that can be learned, taking into account certain details.

Dressing with elegance and class is possible for everyone, these are some tips that will be very useful.

1- Your hair is important: Don’t just focus on makeup and clothes, because your hairstyle is one of the most important elements of your image. Take care that it is always clean. If you can’t spend a lot of time on it, hold your hair in a high ponytail, gently ruffling the top of your hair; that way you will increase its volume and the effect will be impressive. You can hide the band that you used to adjust your hair with a section of your own hair.

The little elaborate braids, that seem casual, can be very effective and give a romantic and elegant touch to your look.

2- Black is not the only color that exists to be elegant. Although we often say that “black goes with everything”, it is not the only alternative to achieve an impressive appearance. Dare to use other colors, there is an infinite range of shades.

3- Shoes are essential for an elegant look. The most important thing is to choose them carefully and always according to the presses you carry and the occasion in question.

Pointed heels are a must and always guarantee a stylish and elegant presence.

4- If you combine two or more colors, the important thing is to do it correctly. There are ranges that do not harmonize in the least, so before choosing your clothes and even when you go shopping, you must make sure that the combinations are correct so as not to seem boring, monotonous and insipid. A rule of thumb is never to use more than three colors in clothing. While you can sometimes go outside of this rule, the important thing is to never look like a display of color.

5- It is important that you choose well each of the clothes you use, in order to look elegant and classy. Some fabrics that go more according to your body, because they manage to hide what you do not want to show. The same happens with the cuts of the garments, as well as the colors that favor you, taking into account your skin and the occasion.

6- Be careful with the designs of the prints: the horizontal stripes make you look wider and the vertical ones stylize you. Simple cuts without arabesques or ornaments facilitate the elegant look.

7- Do not fall into excesses: if you wear a dress with sequins or other bright details, reduce the accessories, the idea is not to transform yourself into a Christmas tree.

8- Balance to match properly: if your clothes are a discreet or neutral color, you can use them with bright and striking accessories, but go overboard with the quantity or size. On the other hand, if the designs of the fabrics already have very striking colors, you should combine with more neutral accessories, the important thing is everything. On the other hand, a psychedelic or very ornate or complicated design should never be combined with glitter or leather, because the effect will be very unpleasant.

9- The garments you use must be clean and well ironed. This should always be the case, but even more so if you have a special occasion: decide what clothes you will wear a few days before.

10- Pay attention to your footwear, if it is dirty or broken, it immediately detracts from your elegance.

11- The neckline is very feminine and seductive, but if it is exaggerated it can fall into the daring and vulgar. When combined with a necklace or similar accessory, its effect can be even more impressive.

12- To determine the length of your dresses, skirts, shorts, capris or other similar garments, you must analyze your height. If you’re not very tall, a good pick may make up for it, but if you pick the wrong length, you’ll end up looking even shorter. Important: an excessively short dress can look like a stretched blouse and fall down to be very vulgar.

13- Be very careful with the brands that you display on your presses or accessories. Showing off one’s footwear, another’s T-shirt, a third’s watch, and so on, is a very bad idea, because you’ll look like a shop window and not an elegant woman. Do not leave the labels, protectors or certificates of authenticity in your wallet, watch or clothing: the written brand diminishes elegance, rather than adds it.

14- Do not buy clothes on impulse or because “it is fashionable”: you must think if it will fit you (not all fashions are for everyone) and if it will combine with the one you already have.

15- Be careful with makeup: it should highlight your natural attributes (eyes, lips) but without falling into exaggerations. It must also be in accordance with your clothes and with the occasion.