The pashmina scarf has managed to position itself in the first places when selecting an accessory to lift the look. There are many possibilities of use, and here we give you different proposals on how to use them in that area that you want to
highlight on your body. You must take into account if you use it near the face that it is of the colors that favor your colorimetry.

1- As a turban, it is ideal for those humid days when you don’t know what to do or how to accommodate your hair. It is definitely a solution for people with personality.

2- Using it by knotting the ponytail will give you a very chic touch.

3- As a belt, folding it as thinly as possible and passing it through the buckles of the pants, knot it to one side and let it fall on one of the legs, or simply tie it and highlight the waist.

4- Folding it into a triangle, tying it at the hip and dropping the bow to one side will make your hips stand out and make that jean you wear every day look different.

5- Bent in the shape of a triangle and position it on one of your shoulders, dropping half forward and the other back, covering the arm with the peak, it will make your look look more arranged.

6- When you have curvilinear shapes, the ideal is to place it around the neck and let it fall vertically on the torso, by generating verticality, it will stylize the figure.

7- Small-sized scarves can be worn tied to the wrist or ankle, providing a modern and youthful touch.

8- Using them tied to the bag or purse will renew them instantly.

9- In the form of a cape, if you stretch the handkerchief and fold it in half, tying with a knot two points on one side and two points on the other, two holes are formed through which you pass your arms and cover your entire back with the handkerchief that will remain in the form of a cape.

10- The classic neck knot scarf with one or more turns, depending on the size, will give color to that dull winter look, filling your face with light and lifting any look.